Shinmaru has been an anime fan since 2002. He has been altering fate for a much shorter time.


UNMEI KAIHEN is an anime blog. It seeks to add another vector to the gravity of the Internet, and, uh, do some shit that has not been figured out yet.


Shinmaru lives in Southern California, where autumn through spring is absolutely perfect, and the summers are too damn hot.




UNMEI KAIHEN (or “alter fate,” as shouted by Emperor Dornkirk and his cronies in Vision of Escaflowne) represents the best and worst of anime: Crazy, fascinating concepts and silly, hilarious execution. Plus, it is just fucking funny to shout.




Comments are more appreciated, but the author can be e-mailed at Shinmaru [at] nihonreview [dot] com. Twitter and MyAnimeList are also super cool options.

6 Responses to “About UNMEI KAIHEN”

  1. Oh wow, you has a blog now! Cool beans.

  2. What, no “Dragon Ball” posts? Ha, ha! Just kidding!

  3. brokenbunny Says:

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    http://brokenbunny.wordpress.com đŸ˜‰

  4. Awesome blog!

  5. Hello. I was wondering if you’re up for a link exchange. I’d appreciate that :P.

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