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Another OVA – A Moment of Awesome Atop a Mountain of Stupid

Posted in Another, Random Shit with tags on 06/01/2012 by Shinmaru

Much like the series proper, the recently released Another OVA is pretty dumb and silly. There’s lots of shopping, naked groping, and general farting around (but not literally). It largely exists to build the relationship between Mei and another character whose existence is a spoiler that I’ll kindly reveal below the jump because I’m a nice guy like that. It succeeds to the point where you see that these two characters have a mostly normal relationship (groping aside). Nice and all, but fairly boring. I’d probably care more if the events of Another had actually gripped me instead of making me grip my sides while laughing uproariously.

However! Shockingly enough, there are a couple of moments that are not only worth noting, but also made me not regret the 20 minutes I spent watching this one-shot episode. Sometimes a rose is capable of growing in a shit pile, you know?

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