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Bakemonogatari – 13

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 11/08/2009 by Shinmaru


Feels like forever since Bakemonogatari‘s excellent summer season finale! But now the final three episodes to close out the “Tsubasa Cat” arc are slowly coming out . . .

I like that Araragi starts off on a high from his awesome date with Senjougahara and then immediately leaps into “Loli Raep” mode. Guy just cannot help himself. Always a couple of steps forward and a step backward for Araragi — or maybe a couple of steps backward, because even after pledging to be completely truthful with Senjougahara, he deviously neglects to mention who he is meeting with at the park. Senjougahara will find out eventually, my man. Know this.

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Bakemonogatari – 12

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 09/29/2009 by Shinmaru


Man, I was all set for more Tsubasa, and instead Bakemonogatari throws a curveball with a fantastic episode revolving around Senjougahara and Araragi’s relationship. Welcome back to the show, Senjougahara! *waves*

The first half is a hell of a lot of fun. It is mainly Senjougahara doing her thing and making Araragi into an uncomfortable ball of fluff in her presence, but it also has the added wrinkle of the silent presence of Senjougahara’s father, who drives Senjougahara and Araragi to the spot of their first date. Within every high school relationship, there is a terrifying family moment waiting to happen. Araragi’s reactions to the stoniness of Senjougahara’s father as Senjougahara discusses whether Araragi loves her, how well Araragi did on his exams, how perverted Kanbaru is (and how perverted Senjougahara could be if she put her mind to it), and so on. She even playfully mocks Araragi for calling her “Senjougahara” in the presence of her father, and she also makes Araragi feel pretty great by the time they get to the forest, although he tries his best to suppress the feeling!

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Bakemonogatari – 11

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 09/21/2009 by Shinmaru


Something that really stands out to me in this episode is the theme of burial — mainly of feelings and problems.

This is presumably how the Meddlesome Cat becomes attracted to Hanekawa as a host. Hanekawa has tons of problems: Her parents have remarried so much, and she has been passed off so many times, that she has no blood relation to her current parents. These parents are not overly fond of Hanekawa. (Makes me wonder why they took her on in the first place, but I suppose the need to “keep up appearances” led them to adopt her in order to look more like a normal family.) Hanekawa’s father abuses her — she has a fresh bandage on her face from the most recently smack — but she waves this off by reasoning that people would feel angry if some kid they didn’t know tried to get close to them.

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Bakemonogatari – 10

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 09/13/2009 by Shinmaru


Huh. Is that really the end of the arc? Sure does not feel like it.

This whole episode has a strange feeling to it. Almost as if everything comes too easily. Araragi can sense it at the end, as well. Nadeko wants to thank Araragi for saving her. But Araragi cannot accept her thanks. Why? Because the curse is not dead — it is simply going back to the one who cast the curse in the first place. Does it disappear, or is the caster in danger? Is there a possible rebound effect in play here? (A long, LONG rebound, haha.) There is such a crushing quality to the victory. Yes, Nadeko is safe, but at what cost?

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Bakemonogatari – 9

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 09/06/2009 by Shinmaru


With the arrival of Nadeko Sengoku, Bakemonogatari appears to be starting another interesting arc.

With all of the gods and monsters plaguing the people in this series have come various issues the people have had to confront. Senjougahara needed to overcome losing the weight of her harsh past and her memories. Araragi had to help Mayoi find her way so that he could help himself from becoming lost on his path, as well. Kanbaru had to fight the destructive urges welling within the deepest parts of her psyche. And the theme with Nadeko seems to be self-hatred and self-harm.

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Bakemonogatari – 8

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 08/30/2009 by Shinmaru


It must be pretty nice to have someone like Senjougahara on your side!

So here we have the end of Kanbaru’s arc, and not a lot of it is too surprising — Oshino tears Kanbaru a new one by ripping apart her reasoning that the monkey’s paw twisted her wish into something completely different than intended. Perhaps on the surface that may be the case, but Oshino quickly sees that, deep down, the Rainy Devil delivered exactly what Kanbaru wanted. After all, that is the very essence of the devil’s work. As the succession of screens shows in the beginning, the Rainy Devil grants only the wisher’s most destructive, selfish and malevolent wishes. Kanbaru wanted to be faster than the kids who mocked her, so the Rainy Devil attacked them. Kanbaru wanted to be close to Senjougahara, so the Rainy Devil attacked him as well. As Oshino points out, if Kanbaru had wished to help Senjougahara, then the Rainy Devil likely would not have granted that wish, because there is no evil behind it.

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Bakemonogatari – 7

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 08/24/2009 by Shinmaru


This week’s Bakemonogatari presents a new spin on the old tale of the monkey’s paw that grants three wishes in a way not foreseen by the bearer of the paw.

After Araragi recovers from the beating Kanbaru gave him (complete with some amusing teasing by Senjougahara), he pays Kanbaru a visit to set things straight with her. Then she basically opens up and spills everything, including that she has a literal monkey’s paw for a left arm, and that it made her attack Araragi against her will. She cannot quite form the words, but Araragi says it is a trance from her description. But as Kanbaru points out in her description of the monkey’s paw tale, and as Oshino later confirms, the monkey’s paw grants three wishes of the owner’s desire. It is not there to move on its own; it exists to fulfill the deepest, darkest wishes of its owner. Therefore, what else can we assume than the monkey’s paw moves according to Kanbaru’s subconscious desires?

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Bakemonogatari – 6

Posted in Bakemonogatari with tags on 08/12/2009 by Shinmaru


Just one episode after taking the leap with Senjougahara, and Araragi already has some domestic troubles. It happens, man. It happens.

Although Araragi has to deal with all this nonsense in the present, the past and the future are the focuses of this episode. Kanbaru is representative of the past — specifically, Senjougahara’s past, which seems so tantalizing for Araragi to delve into. Kanbaru stalks Araragi for a number of days, and while Araragi hangs out with Mayoi, Kanbaru confronts him and claims the meeting is a coincidence, and goes on to say she is an admirer of Araragi. He is suspicious, to say the least. He does not know Kanbaru; he knows of her, but he has never met the woman in his life. She banters with Araragi a bit before funneling out the information she sought (as the basketball of Kanbaru’s brain goes through her mind’s hoop): Araragi is jamming to Senjougahara’s home, where she will tutor him. Satisfied with this, Kanbaru runs off.

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