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Bakuman 13 – Bleh.

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 12/30/2010 by Shinmaru

GANBATTE, MASHIRO-KUN!!!!!!!!!! p(^^)q

Bakuman 12 – A Great Cure for Insomnia

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 12/22/2010 by Shinmaru

It seems appropriate that I write about this episode after today’s 12 Moments post. If G Gundam is a shining example of sappiness done right, then the ending to this episode is an example of sappiness gone terribly wrong.

What reason do we have to give a fuck about Mashiro and Azuki? They’re an empty, soulless ideal. They barely interact except to blush and to reaffirm that they’ll never see each other until their dreams come true. Way to substitute retarded romantic notions in place of meaningful character development, Bakuman. Real bang-up job there. Mashiro’s main motivation for becoming a manga author is so that he can bang Azuki, who is content to be like Beauty and the Beast‘s rose in the glass, wilting eternally in wait for that oh so proper moment of True Love. Fuck. Makes me want to gag. And yet we’ve got 12 episodes of this bullshit so far. Wonderful.

You know why G Gundam‘s sappiness works? Because we can feel the passion between Domon and Rain. There’s real feeling there. What feelings are there between Mashiro and Azuki? Have they had even one moment where you thought to yourself, “Wow, these two genuinely love each other”? We have to be told all the time that they have these SUPER DEEP feelings for each other and that, man, we just can’t understand their love. Oh, I understand. I understand that the anime has to fucking tell us about their love all the time because there is absolutely nothing to show. It’s not there. I feel nothing when I see them other than an intense desire to fall asleep on my keyboard and drool.

Fuck this shit. I’m glad Azuki is moving away. I hope she stays away forever. She can take her creepy ass mom with her too.

Bakuman 11 – The NEXT Step

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 12/13/2010 by Shinmaru

Poor Miyoshi. She tries so hard, and yet all Takagi can do is think naughty thoughts while he focuses on his manga.

And yet this little bit is OVER 9000 times more interesting than Mashiro x Azuki will ever be. At least Miyoshi has half a personality. What the fuck does Azuki have? “Oh, if she gets with Mashiro now she will focus only on him and not her dreams!” What the fuck? Learn some moderation. That’s not deep love; that is just creepy. If I ever obsessed over a woman to that point, I’d hope she would have the sense to report me to the cops. What’s going to happen when she actually becomes a seiyuu? Is she going to just drop everything and fawn over Mashiro all day? Yikes.

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Bakuman 10 – Nice Idea, Takagi, But …

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. . . doesn’t the existence of the Internet make this story pretty silly? Who the hell would buy information from someone when you can just get it from Wikipedia for free? All it takes is one person to (wiki)leak the information, and then it’s everywhere. Then again, I suppose the kind of society where this extreme capitalism exists wouldn’t be so keen on free exchange of information. :p

Anyway, uh, I hope the show gets on to Mashiro and Takagi bearing down and working on a truly fleshed out manga sometime soon instead of just talking about it all the time. That’s one thing I don’t really like about this anime so far — I heard that Bakuman was fairly dynamic despite the subject matter, but the anime has been too laid back. The animation, art style, pace, and music have all contributed to a tone that seems incongruous with Bakuman‘s reputation. (To be fair, though, there have also been admissions that Bakuman‘s development may have colored people’s memories of the manga’s beginning; plus, I haven’t read it, myself, so I could be talking out of my ass here.)

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Bakuman 9 – Takagi Is a Player

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Don’t know why Takagi is so surprised. He possesses more than a passing resemblance to Light from Death Note, and women couldn’t throw themselves at him quickly enough. All Takagi is missing is some retarded Misa Misa type woman to fuck up everything in his life.

I have to say I felt a bit sorry for Iwase — poor girl is characterized to be the wet blanket in this situation. “Rawr rawr quit manga and be Serious Business rawr.” Takagi was probably thanking her internally for making the decision much easier for him. He probably will regret this choice later in life, however, but my guess is it will be because Iwase turns into a total yandere, because that is obviously what happens when any woman is spurned. Holding hands = automatic relationship? Total crazy material right there. She is probably sharpening the axe as I write these words. In fact, she might jump out of the screen and come after me for ruining her plan.

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The actual process of coming up with the story Mashiro and Takagi eventually submit for the Tezuka Award is my favorite part of this episode. So many little bits that remind the viewer of their age, even though Mashiro and Takagi have been relatively mature in how they have gone about making and submitting their manga. “Let’s throw in some robots! And swords! Not just swords — BEAM SABERS!!!!!” Haha.

Amid everything else, that is at least one thing Bakuman has excelled at thus far — balancing Mashiro and Takagi’s maturity (actually having a plan for becoming manga authors, being totally professional and hardworking with their craft, etc.) and their childishness (the stories they come up with). They’re not aiming for high art here; they’re writing fairly pulpy stuff that has some kick to it, and adding in whatever they think is cool and will appeal to other people. But that’s more realistic for them anyway. I couldn’t even write high art now, much less when I was in high school. (I’m pretty sure everything I wrote in high school was terrible.)

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Bakuman 7 – A Romance in Three Images

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 11/16/2010 by Shinmaru