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Bakuman 6 – My Story Is Just Way Too Deep, Man

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 11/08/2010 by Shinmaru

lol Takagi

No such thing as “too deep” as long as the story around those themes holds up and supports those themes. Audiences can of course be dumb (but what audience member isn’t dumb at some point?), but they can also be quite accepting of stories with complex themes if the story and/or characters are good enough. Monster is fairly popular not just because it asks difficult questions and deals with a cadre of complex themes of morality, but also because it tells a good thriller-type story and has lots of memorable, well-written characters. You can enjoy it on multiple levels: If you just want the story, you’ve got that, but if you also want to put more thought into everything, the story gives you plenty to play around with.

Same with Black Lagoon, Kaiji, Berserk or whatever else. The story gives you plenty of meat, and their ideas are dessert for the mind. Those are the types of stories I respect most — ones with lots of interesting ideas, but that aren’t also so full of themselves that they are above being interesting, thrilling stories on a visceral level along with an intellectual level.

So there you go, Takagi. Tell solid stories, and the depth will follow from there.

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Bakuman 5 – Our Manga Is Going to Be Totally Awesome

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 10/31/2010 by Shinmaru

Haha, should have known we wouldn’t any real creative clashes yet. Mashiro and Takagi are still feeling out their individual talents, so they don’t have quite enough confidence in themselves to clash with each other yet. It’s more like a dual circle jerk at this point: “Oh man, you’re so awesome!” “No way, man — you’re awesome!” Which I guess makes sense. We’re all our own worst critics, and many are slow to criticize others because of wussiness. But they’re also excited about starting on a new venture, so whatever. Not like I could have written anything better at Takagi’s age, anyway.

(Although admittedly I did enjoy the blind pitcher concept because it seems like the kind of silly, unrealistic idea that could nonetheless be fun.)

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Bakuman 4 – Work to the Max

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 10/26/2010 by Shinmaru

As someone who tried to draw once upon a time but gave up because I was terrible at it, I don’t exactly lack in respect for artists. To draw down to every detail — whether doing so realistically or not — is fucking hard. But I was ignorant about the actual start-to-finish process of creating even one manga page (and probably still am, since I doubt this episode covers everything); this shit is ridiculous. Then again, doing anything at a high level takes a truckload of work, so with that in mind, it’s not especially surprising to see that even one drawing on a single page takes a lot of patience to see through.

Have to say it’s also cool to see Mashiro and Takagi be practical and hard-working about this even though they’re utter goofballs with just about every other aspect of their lives. The “pride/arrogance, effort and luck” bit especially strikes me as valuable for them to know. Obviously you have to believe in yourself to succeed; if you go into something expecting to fail, then you set yourself closer to failure. And effort is a big “duh” too. If you’re talented enough, you can probably coast on your skill for a while, but eventually a wall is going to come, and the more you coast, the harder that hit will be.

Luck, though . . . Takagi is skeptical about that aspect, but I think it’s because he is viewing it the wrong way. While I’m a believer that people make their own luck (by being flexible enough to adapt to unexpected circumstances, for example), I also believe that is true only to an extent. There are many circumstances and conditions that either aid or hinder people (age, economic condition, location, etc.) that are simply out of people’s control. Certain people exist in better conditions for success in certain areas, and they achieve success by having the foresight to see their advantages and push them as far as possible. That might not be exactly what Mashiro means by “luck”, but I think that’s how it best applies to their situation — if an advantage falls their way, they have to be ready to use it.

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Posted in Bakuman with tags on 10/18/2010 by Shinmaru

This may or may not have been an actual scene from this episode; I can’t remember at the moment!

Seriously, though, I did lol that Mashiro’s first reaction to see Mrs. Azuki is, “Whoa, so Miho is still going to be this bone-worthy when she’s in her 40s?! AWWWWWWWWWESOME BRO YEAH” I’m shocked he didn’t high five Takagi at some point. This scene is yet another representation of how men are like stegosauruses, except our second brains are in our dicks and not our (non-existent) tails.

(Also, I’d include the “Damn, when we’re married, I’m totally not letting Azuki wear her hair like that” in the lolsexism argument, but frankly, I had the same thought myself. Sometimes you just need to put your foot down against bad hair, regardless of gender. And Mrs. Azuki’s Ladies vs. Butlers hair rolls are some damn bad hair.)

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Bakuman 2 – Sexism Is the Key to Your Dreams!

Posted in Bakuman with tags on 10/10/2010 by Shinmaru

lolwut (Yeah, I am way late to the party on this. That’s what I get for watching anime rather than reading manga.)

But, hey, I guess invisible fathers have earned the right to make rulings on things like this — that’s the kind of authority you get when you’re never around and don’t have real interactions with your kid. Why waste time with dumb shit like that when you can delegate to the little lady? That’s how men get things done. Respect.

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Posted in Bakuman with tags on 10/03/2010 by Shinmaru

First episode of Bakuman is pretty entertaining to me, but then again, for whatever reason I enjoy watching goofy, idealistic teenagers. I guess it’s nice to see people before life forces ’em to call a few audibles or be crushed by reality, like what apparently happened with Mashiro’s uncle.

I’ve heard that Bakuman actually goes through a decent chunk of Mashiro and Takagi’s lives, so it will be interesting to see how they evolve, especially as they come up against the adversity that tends to come with pursuing dreams and whatnot. For now, though, they’re free to be dumbass teenagers, and I write that in the kindest way possible. The scene at Azuki’s place particularly put a smile on my face because I — and probably many others — were exactly the type of goofballs Mashiro and Takagi are there. Talking big about dreams in one scene and almost pussying out after ringing a doorbell? Yeah. I’ve been there.

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