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12 (Nice) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 6 – Jinto x Lafiel Forever

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The Crest/Banner of the Stars anime were some of the most thoroughly enjoyable series I watched this year due to their engaging characters, sharp wit and well-drawn drama. The relationship between Jinto and Lafiel wraps all three of those elements into one interesting, entertaining package, and it really shows how tepid and boring most romantic relationships in all media are, much less anime.

Perhaps the biggest reason why Jinto and Lafiel have such an electric relationship is that they’re allowed to be people with opinions and desires, and allowed the intelligence to express themselves in distinct ways. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how many god damn robots there are in fiction who are programmed with only the most basic means of communication.

“I love you.”

“I also love you. Let us kiss and perhaps get under some covers and move around a bit so as to suggest sexual penetration.”

“That sounds like a pleasant, inoffensive and PG-13-worthy idea.”

Lafiel and Jinto don’t need any of that bullshit. Not once in any of the four series do I remember the words, “I love you” being uttered. Why? Because they never need to say it! It’s obvious how they feel about each other, and they don’t dance around it. They’re too busy alternately flirting and poking fun at each other to care that they haven’t yet had the perfect confession under the space cherry blossom tree.

Jinto and Lafiel are so much fun and so naturally in love with each other that I could never tire of watching them. Which sounds kind of creepy, but fuck it, I would gladly be a creeper for these two.

Crest of the Stars – Jinto’s Sarcasm Is the Best Sarcasm

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I finished Crest of the Stars a little more than a week ago and enjoyed it for the most part. The plot moves a bit slowly at times, but I don’t mind the pacing much since it does a solid job of easing the viewer into a relatively complex world with a complex history. The show probably makes up for that by throwing Lafiel and Jinto into one crazy situation after another during the journey to warn the Abh Empire that war’s a’brewin’.

Anyway, like many people, the part of Crest I like most is the interplay between Lafiel and Jinto. They’re both intelligent people, and they act and speak it. They speak to each other with wit and grace, and aren’t dumbing down their conversations so that the widest possible audience can grasp what they’re saying. Crest of the Stars knows its audience.

I won’t write much about Lafiel, because from what I am aware of, she gets plenty of (much deserved) love, but I do like that her development in Crest begins with the assumption that she is a strong, smart woman who can take care of herself. It’s just that she’s young and headstrong, so she goes into everything thinking that she’s got to take care of shit all on her lonesome. It’s not until the very end that she truly sees Jinto as an equal. She learns that it’s OK for her to lean on him for some things, and for him to lean on her for other things. People help each other with shit; Lafiel doesn’t need to go into melodramatic self-sacrifice mode because she has a perfectly capable dude at her side to have her back when she needs help. Crest definitely impressed me by presenting a real relationship where the man and woman complement each other and help each other not because, you know, Man Gotta Be A Man, but because they trust one another and their strengths to the point where they can accept that help without bitching on about wounded pride.

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