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High School of the Dead 12 – Boobs and T. S. Eliot (END) (?)

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 09/20/2010 by Shinmaru

That T. S. Eliot character has really gone places now — his poetry is being inexplicably quoted in zombie fanservice anime! Probably the only weirder place to see an Eliot quote pop up is in a harem show or something . . . wait, what am I saying, this is pretty much a harem series already, isn’t it? Damn you, High School of the Dead — always one step ahead of me.

Anyway, the series has come to an end, although a second season could be in the cards; it would be a given with any other studio, but Madhouse is fairly notorious for not doing second seasons. The fact that the studio did not conjure up an anime-exclusive ending (I think) is probably a good sign for fans, though. I’d watch a second season. High School of the Dead is an entertaining enough series with a rather, er, unique approach to fanservice. And, hey, I like to see zombies get killed. Sue me.

Final death chart for now, though with a different spin on it . . .

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High School of the Dead 11 – Here Come the Nukes!

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 09/13/2010 by Shinmaru

This is a pretty good set-up episode for a finale that should have a lot of fireworks. I wonder if any of the nukes will be coming Japan’s way (seems so, since the country has to take some measures in the preview)? Before it seemed as if it was just America vs. everyone else when it came to the bomb. Now I guess it’s everyone vs. everyone — a real Dr. Strangelove situation. Then we have Shido squirming away when we all know what’s going to happen later; this pretty much says it all. But, hey, it wouldn’t be anime without the heroes shooting themselves in the collective foot. If there’s one thing, this trope teaches people, it’s that morality is a fucking pain in the ass.

Countdown to death chart: 3, 2, 1 . . .

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High School of the Dead 10 – The Tsuntsun Express

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 09/07/2010 by Shinmaru

Man, every role Jouji Nakata takes seems tailor made for him, doesn’t it? Saya’s dad utters one syllable, and I can immediately buy Nakata as this authoritative, imperialist type figure. If he lets the group head out with his daughter after all this, though, then he’s a lot more understanding than that, haha. Or maybe he just does not want to deal with her shit. Maybe that is more likely. At any rate, looks like it’s time to hit the road again instead of staying in a relatively safe place. Hooray!

Enter death chart.

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High School of the Dead 9 – Iron Grip

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 08/30/2010 by Shinmaru

Not a bad episode this week. It actually moves at a decent pace and gets Saeko and Takashi to Saya’s house in a single episode, which is frankly more than I expected. And even though the plot element of Saeko’s sadism is introduced a bit awkwardly, it ends with Saeko practically orgasming as she slices and dices zombies with her sword upgrade (feel the symbolism!), so that is a win in my book. She is pretty much glowing when she arrives at Saya’s pad with Takashi. No wonder Saya is so upset! Just wait until Rei sees those two. Yikes.

Death chart time~

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High School of the Dead 8 – Boob Ripples

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 08/23/2010 by Shinmaru

Really, what can I write that has not already been pointed out? Madhouse has gone beyond the impossible and kicked reason to the curb with the fanservice in this episode. Can it even be classified as fanservice now? The bullet time panties probably still counts, but the bullet time boobs and boob recoil cushions? That’s just . . . out there, something else entirely. I suppose someone out there must have got a dirty thrill from flopping boobs and boob ripples. My mind is mostly picking up the pieces of itself after being shattered by that scene.

So, uh, death chart?

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High School of the Dead 7 – Half-Naked Rescue

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 08/16/2010 by Shinmaru

Pretty good episode here. The fanservice momentum is rolling along, but it doesn’t really come at the expense of the action — Operation Rescue Little Girl is executed well by our main crew, and now they are finally off to do what they set out to do at the beginning of the series. I doubt many of their family members are alive at this point, but might as well check, right? They should be fine, anyway, what with our heroes leveling up in fighting ability with each episode. Are they Saiyans or something? Damn.

Death chart time!

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High School of the Dead 6 – Fanservice of the Dead

Posted in High School of the Dead with tags on 08/09/2010 by Shinmaru

Lots and lots of fanservice and Marikawa and Rei getting drunk in this episode! I’m not really one to decry fanservice, but wow, it’s almost sensory overload here. It gets to a point where your brain just shuts down because boobs and ass are everywhere. And I guess the story wants to find a way for Rei to bring up Hisashi more without feeling guilty about it, so she does a bit of offscreen drinking. I thought Takashi might brush it off, just because Rei is so clearly drunk and rambling, but it’s actually understandable this time that it pushes past his explosion point. But, hey, the make-up kissing afterward is great! (Kissing is pretty much the equivalent of furious boning in anime, I guess.)

Oh, and Rika’s place is loaded, damn. Of the options Kouta presents, the third is most likely, or at least the one I hope is most likely. She could totally be a good enough sniper to command outrageous Golgo 13 prices.

Now for the death chart!

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