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Level E 7 – Baka Always Gets His Way

Posted in Level E with tags on 02/22/2011 by Shinmaru

Stupid, sexy Baka. Stop taking advantage of being a princess . . .

I haven’t been that high on this arc, but this closing episode is pretty damn funny. The best part is the kids actually getting in a few shots on Baka by using the logic of his game universe against him. When Baka started describing this awesome, godlike attack he invented to tempt players to be as destructive as he is, you just knew that he’d get a Golden Hammer to the face like he deserved. (Except I bet the GaoGaiGar fans among us — myself included — were shouting, “GOLDION HAMMER” instead. :p)

Also love how Baka’s plans fall apart because he didn’t play test his world enough. See, this is why you need proper game design! If Baka had taken the time to make sure his Demon Lord filled its role properly and didn’t go rogue, then the kids would have been fucked; instead, they took advantage of the game’s bugs and stomped the crap out of the game. These kids will make a fine quintet of nerds.

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Level E 6 – I Could Use a Battle Pocari Right Now

Posted in Level E with tags on 02/14/2011 by Shinmaru

why does this geodude have a rock cock and stalactite pubes i don’t understand

Haha, of course Baka has the kids move from one staple of anime comedy — the sentai parody — to another staple: The RPG parody. Next week: dating sim?! I’m pretty sure Edward Elric is already working on one of his own, that saucy little player.

As far as RPG episodes go, this is fun (I enjoyed the robotic NPCs and the shot of the tedious numbers puzzle), though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the episodes before the kids came along. But meh, enough of me being a wet blanket; at least there is a hint of the alien teacher perhaps joining in next week (who would be a better ally than a hot alien assassin?), which would make things more fun. Especially with those tentacles she keeps under wraps . . .

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Level E 5 – It Ain’t Easy Being a Power Ranger

Posted in Level E with tags on 02/08/2011 by Shinmaru

I swear that’s Edward Elric at the far left . . .

This is a pretty well-worn idea (if you’ve been an anime fan for more than a few months, then you’ve probably seen some sort of Sentai send-up episode at some point), but it’s still fun in Level E, more so than usual because the kids don’t actually do anything worthwhile with their newfound identities. They transform, curse their benefactor and use terrible powers that completely suck unless they are leveled up. Baka enjoys RPGs just a bit too much, I think.

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Level E 4 – Can SEGA Be This Picky?

Posted in Level E with tags on 01/31/2011 by Shinmaru

Maybe I’ve been out of the gaming sphere for too long, but is SEGA really doing so well that it can be like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever . . .” to someone with a solid story idea? Am I crazy, or would this episode make a decent mystery game? But, hey, when you have the opportunity to desecrate the bloated corpse of the Sonic franchise some more, I guess you gotta do it.

Anyway, the twist at the end of this episode totally got me, but mostly because I thought this would be the start of a completely new arc rather than a one-shot story that ends in . . . well, you know if you already watched the episode. (If you didn’t, then why are you reading this? You silly person!) This episode was notable for me mostly because I spent the whole time wondering if everyone was a bunch of aliens, haha. Seems like a fun game to play, right? Spot a character in Level E and try to decipher whether he or she is an alien. I’d probably suck at this, but whatever.

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Level E 3 – Prankster Prince

Posted in Level E with tags on 01/26/2011 by Shinmaru

A keikaku doori face of a different type right here . . .

So, I guess Level E will be separated into a few short arcs rather than being one large story? Works for me. This first arc comes to a hilarious end, as the obvious has been revealed: Baka cannot be trusted at all. Not just by the humans or his guardians, but the audience as well.

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Level E 2 – Aliens Are Douchebags

Posted in Level E with tags on 01/19/2011 by Shinmaru

Oh shit. Things are getting messy in a hurry in Level E land.

So Level E continues to be hilarious. I don’t know about you guys, but I was doubled over in laughter when it was revealed that our princely alien friend “killed” the mugger dude in his story. When he revealed the punch, I had briefly wondered if he would be strong enough to kill a human if he unleashed all his might, and when the series actually went through with it (for a time) . . . man, that is priceless. At least so far, dear ol’ Baka is my perfect vision of the Unrepentant Asshole character. He mocks people, obscures facts, has no problem murdering the fuck out of random people, etc., and is always hilarious while doing it. At this rate, he’ll be up there with Guu, Tomo Takino and others in the Anime Asshole Pantheon.

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Level E 1 – Illegal Alien

Posted in Level E with tags on 01/11/2011 by Shinmaru

During the open narration, I couldn’t help but think the whole time, “Wow, this set-up sounds like one of Takagi’s names.” Damn you, Bakuman. Damn you. Don’t make me start mixing Shounen Jump series.

Level E was a series that was not really on my radar, because I thought the concept art looked kind of goofy. But when I hear a bit of buzz behind a series, I’m more than willing to drop my biases and give it a shot, because, hey, the chance people might be right about a show is worth it, you know? Who knows if Level E will be ultimately worthwhile, but the first episode is fairly solid. Also helps that the source manga is pretty short (just three volumes, 16 chapters total), so there’s no danger of it dragging on into infinity like almost every other Jump series ever.

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