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Lupin III – The Hard-Boiled Bullet

Posted in Lupin III, Random Shit with tags on 04/12/2012 by Shinmaru

Like a fair number of Western anime fans, my main experience with Lupin III is with the classic flick Castle of Cagliostro and a few TV episodes here and there. Always meant to watch more, but it’s always been unfortunately easier for me to put aside long stuff like Lupin III, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Urusei Yatsura or whatever in favor of short series, movies and OVAs that build up on the ol’ to-watch plate. Maybe this new series will be the kick in the ass I need to plunge full-on into Lupin III whether it’s only partially representative of the Lupin experience or not.

The second episode of the new Lupin III series struck me hard because it’s so god damned noir in tone, style, look, story, character . . . you name it, this episode has it. I know only the most surface things about the Lupin III characters, but from what I do know, Jigen and Fujiko strike me as being the most at-home in a film noir. (Goemon is, of course, a friggin’ samurai, and Lupin himself is maybe a bit too free-flowing and fun for a super hard-boiled story like this . . . but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several tales that proved me wrong.) Jigen in particular I could see being a detective in an L.A. noir in another life.

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