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Nothing to See Here Except a Loser Hanging On Another Year

Posted in Masturbatory Blog Crap, Meta Sucks and Yet I Am Doing This on 08/06/2012 by Shinmaru

Does it count if this blog shut down just shy of three years but I’m still plugging away elsewhere? Maybe we should say I am like one of those Death Row inmates with an eternal stay of execution.

Today is my three-year anniversary doing this nonsense. I would make this announcement at The Cart Driver, except I don’t have anything particularly interesting to go along with it. I’d rather not subject The Readers to me jerking myself off about silly milestones. Why do that when I can subject them to me jerking myself off with stupid anime metafiction? Clearly that is far superior.

So here I am! It’s been fun. Honestly, I’m thankful to Scamp for bringing me aboard his Code Geass worship site (that is secretly loaded with LelouchxSuzaku fanart; you just gotta look in the right places). It takes a peculiar kind of person to keep plugging away all alone for a few years with such small expectations. I mean, let’s face it — Scamp has a big site compared to anime blogs, but compared to actual Big Sites on the Internet? It’s still relatively tiny. So what does that make this joint? I’ll leave that question hanging. Suffice to say, if I kept at it on my own, I probably would have burned out or become indecipherable eventually. Maybe both.

But, yes, it does feel nice working with other people in both Japanimation-related things I do on the good ol’ Interwebs. It’s especially nice when I’m trusted to do whatever and it’s cool. How many people would let their colleague debut with this? It doesn’t really tell the reader anything except that I like to fuck around at their expense. This is what happens when you give me any semblance of power.

Anyway, uh, I guess I’ll still keep going since it’s still fun and all. I don’t have any particularly big plans except that I want to hit multiple conventions this year. I was pretty jealous reading about all the good fun time fun people had at Otakon. Don’t know if I’ll make it there, especially since it’s so close to Anime Expo, but I do want to go through with the Sakura Con plans that I had to abort earlier this year. So if you live in the Seattle area, then you might see me next year! Don’t let that scare you away from the convention, please. Maybe I’ll hit up other places, too. All depends on how well I can juggle my vacation days. I think I get a bump since this is my third year at the ol’ place of work. Fingers crossed!

That’s about it. This is the last post here until I have some other stupid announcement to make. See you jerks later.

Man, Remember Rio? Shit Was Awesome

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A super cool, groovy project.

Posted in Masturbatory Blog Crap, Meta Sucks and Yet I Am Doing This, Shameless Whoring on 12/10/2010 by Shinmaru

Ever since Ogiue Maniax made this post, I’ve wondered whether anyone had ever documented fake brands in anime — speficially, brands animation studios concoct as parodies of real brands so that viewers are reminded of a certain company/product without the real brand owners having cause to sue the ever loving fuck out of the animation studios. A bit of research I did uncovered several forum threads dedicated to this premise, along with the occasional website/blog post, but never a single site whose sole purpose was cataloguing parody brands.

So after a while of waffling, I’ve started to fill that void with a Tumblr blog: IT’S A SOMY

I’m just one guy, however; I fully intend for this to be a collaborative project. Submission is easy: Just take a screenshot of a parody brand, take note of the information (anime title + scene context, if you think it’s needed) and upload it somewhere I can get to it (any image hosting site is fine — Imageshack, Photobucket, Twitpic, etc.). I give full credit to anyone who makes a contribution. I can be contacted in numerous places — comments on this site, my MAL account, Twitter, my e-mail address (listed in the About section) and so on. Feel free to bombard me with screenshots. I’m also keeping a list of every parody brand handy so that there won’t be any duplicates; however, if multiple studios come up with the same brand, then that is free game.

Let’s make this site big enough so that eventually any anime fan can browse through it for hours and have a few chuckles at silly consumerism!

EDIT: Tumblr users can now directly submit posts for approval. Just follow the listed guidelines, and you’ll be cool.

One Year Down …

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. . . who knows how many more to go?

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A Bit of a Change

Posted in Masturbatory Blog Crap on 12/30/2009 by Shinmaru

With a new year comes a re-evaluation of the way I do things. I’m not planning any massive overhauls, or anything, but I want to tweak my approach to writing a bit as I continue to adjust to this whole blogging thing.

I’ve been running this site for nearly five months now — in the grand scheme of things I am still a huge newbie trying to find the best way to do things for my writing style. I think episodic blogging has treated me well so far — I’ve enjoyed tackling most of the series I’ve written about week by week. For the most part I think I have done relatively well in choosing series that interest me enough to keep going back to them, and that also offer enough for me to provide a different perspective on them (most of the time) and to not repeat the same things ad nauseum in each post.

At the same time, however, episodic blogging has clear limitations, and I haven’t done myself any favors by allowing myself to be shackled a bit too easily by its restraints. I’m not going to pretend I am some brilliant literary analyst (lord knows that’s far from the truth), but there were some series I wanted to write about but never got around to doing so because . . . I dunno, I felt weird about jumping in on them in the middle of the series, I guess. Which is clearly retarded because I started this damn site by jumping in on the middle of several series.

For whatever stupid reason I fooled myself into thinking there’s something wrong with jumping into a series in the middle of it when clearly that’s stupid. If I have something interesting to write about, then nobody is really going to give a shit which episode I started from. Nobody looks at my archives at all and says, “OMG he didn’t start from the beginning when blogging the second season of Spice and Wolf, the fiend!!” and if someone does say that, then he or she is a moron.

So I want to change my approach a bit. There are series that are good enough to blog the whole way through, and I’ll certainly have my fair share of shows I blog to completion, but I don’t want to ignore those series that might take a few episodes to get a full head of steam. Sometimes I’ll jump on a few episodes in and keep going with it if a series takes the leap, and other times I’ll just highlight a particularly good episode within a series. (For example, I wasn’t at all interested in blogging Kampfer, but in this system, I almost certainly would have written about ep11, which was a hilarious trainwreck that greatly entertained me.) That approach will work especially well for comedies, I think, which come off to me as somewhat difficult to blog weekly.

I don’t want to limit this to currently airing series either; I watch a good number of series outside of current seasons, and I rarely post about them here. I want to change that, so when I come across really good episodes of series I’m watching (or maybe a good group of episodes if I want to highlight an arc I really enjoyed, or something like that), I’ll post about ’em.

Also, I want to change up the way I approach reviews. I don’t really like writing them in a way that’s, “This is what I liked about the series, and this is what I didn’t like.” It’s boring for me to write, and because that comes across in the writing, I’m sure it’s boring for people to read as well. (Not that there aren’t good reviewers who write that way — psgels is particularly good at getting in and out with a quick opinion.) Like many people, when I get bored with writing something, I also get frustrated and lazy — my Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny review took a month for me to post, which is ridiculous. I didn’t like the series, but I wrote about it anyway because I was in my dumb “I have to write long reviews for every series I complete!!” phase, which lasted for three series.

What I want to do instead is highlight a couple of things about the series that really grabbed me (like a certain theme, or great characterization or particularly great animation or whatever), limit my thoughts to 500-700 words or so and get the hell out. Basically it’s an ego check for me, haha. Forcing myself to be concise has always worked better for me than filling a bunch of space with words, anyway.

So it goes. Any other suggestions are welcome; I’m just trying  to be as flexible as possible with what I write about.