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Popee the Performer – Logical Lunacy

Posted in Popee the Performer, Random Shit with tags on 06/08/2012 by Shinmaru

There exists a clown who plays with knives and swords. So dexterous and fearless is he that he can swallow these tools of death with nary an injury. But one day the clown becomes too cocky. He tosses a claymore skyward and swallows it whole. The massive blade runs through the clown, emerging from his backside. He is stuck to the ground.

The clown’s friend, a wolf, panics. He sees the fear in the clown’s eyes. The music in the background swells beautifully, highly appropriate for the harrowing situation. No matter how hard the wolf tugs on the sword, he cannot pull it from the clown’s body. Clearly there is only one solution: tie the clown’s legs to poles hammered into the ground, tie the sword to a truck’s bumper and rip it out with sheer horsepower. Unfortunately, this brilliant plot goes awry. The clown is dragged all around the circus until finally the truck crashes. The sword is magically loosened from the clown’s body, but he is furious.

The clown must have vengeance.

He chases the wolf around the circus grounds, fretfully hacking away, hoping to lop off a limb or two. The wolf desperately leaps into the air, hoping to get away, but it is then that the clown sees his opportunity. He opens his mouth wide and positions himself under the wolf, who tries to flail out of the way but is sucked into the clown’s gaping maw. Inside the clown’s stomach is a lonely pit of despair. The clown’s mouth is the only source of light, the tiniest sliver of salvation.

The wolf tries to climb out, but this serves only to infuriate the clown. He tosses the sword into the air once again and drives it through his mouth and into his stomach, piercing it through the wolf as well. The clown is stuck in place again, but he is satisfied with his bloody revenge.

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Another OVA – A Moment of Awesome Atop a Mountain of Stupid

Posted in Another, Random Shit with tags on 06/01/2012 by Shinmaru

Much like the series proper, the recently released Another OVA is pretty dumb and silly. There’s lots of shopping, naked groping, and general farting around (but not literally). It largely exists to build the relationship between Mei and another character whose existence is a spoiler that I’ll kindly reveal below the jump because I’m a nice guy like that. It succeeds to the point where you see that these two characters have a mostly normal relationship (groping aside). Nice and all, but fairly boring. I’d probably care more if the events of Another had actually gripped me instead of making me grip my sides while laughing uproariously.

However! Shockingly enough, there are a couple of moments that are not only worth noting, but also made me not regret the 20 minutes I spent watching this one-shot episode. Sometimes a rose is capable of growing in a shit pile, you know?

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Lupin III – The Hard-Boiled Bullet

Posted in Lupin III, Random Shit with tags on 04/12/2012 by Shinmaru

Like a fair number of Western anime fans, my main experience with Lupin III is with the classic flick Castle of Cagliostro and a few TV episodes here and there. Always meant to watch more, but it’s always been unfortunately easier for me to put aside long stuff like Lupin III, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Urusei Yatsura or whatever in favor of short series, movies and OVAs that build up on the ol’ to-watch plate. Maybe this new series will be the kick in the ass I need to plunge full-on into Lupin III whether it’s only partially representative of the Lupin experience or not.

The second episode of the new Lupin III series struck me hard because it’s so god damned noir in tone, style, look, story, character . . . you name it, this episode has it. I know only the most surface things about the Lupin III characters, but from what I do know, Jigen and Fujiko strike me as being the most at-home in a film noir. (Goemon is, of course, a friggin’ samurai, and Lupin himself is maybe a bit too free-flowing and fun for a super hard-boiled story like this . . . but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several tales that proved me wrong.) Jigen in particular I could see being a detective in an L.A. noir in another life.

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I Like Gyo, But I Also Like Writing About Horror

Posted in Gyo, Random Shit with tags on 04/06/2012 by Shinmaru

When Gyo made the rounds a little more than a month ago, much of the reaction was not surprising but nonetheless left me scratching my head a bit.

I can understand not liking Gyo for the plot; it is, after all, utterly ridiculous on the face of it, and gets more ridiculous as it goes on. The events that occur are downright stupid and certainly not interesting in and of themselves. And the characters aren’t super interesting, either, which I think is a bigger problem. But the thing that makes me wonder is why anyone looking for an engaging plot would look to horror for that in the first place.

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Ranking the Terribad

Posted in California Crisis, Eiken, Garzey's Wing, Kenya Boy, Legend of Duo, Mad Bull 34, Mars of Destruction, Odin, Popee the Performer, Random Shit, Vampire Wars, WTF on 03/01/2012 by Shinmaru

The almighty symbol of terribad.

For at least the next two days, I’ll be caught up with everything the SCCSAV terribad watch group has completed. (They’ve seen scattered episodes of Musashi Gundoh and Reign: The Conqueror, but as of this writing, they’re not finished with either.) Now that I’ve completed this utterly useless task, I figured why not put my newfound knowledge of awful anime to good use?

So here I present a (highly biased) guide to terribad — from the ones I enjoy most to the ones I enjoy least, because that is obviously how such a list should progress. Enjoy!

(P.S. There are multiple pages to this for you folks on Google Reader. Haha, you have to come here to finish the post!)

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Kaiba’s Black Humor

Posted in Kaiba, Random Shit with tags on 12/27/2011 by Shinmaru

One element of Kaiba I wanted to write about in my Secret Santa review is the show’s black sense of humor, but I couldn’t find a decent way to work it in to the review. That thing was getting too long, anyway. So now, since this week’s episode of Hunter x Hunter is a recap episode, and I’m not writing about that shit, you get this instead. Hooray!

Spoilers for episode 7 of Kaiba lurk within this post. Enter at your own risk!

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Kaiba – Adrift in Memories

Posted in Crappy Reviews, Kaiba, Random Shit, Secret Santa with tags on 12/24/2011 by Shinmaru

(This is my review for Reverse Thieves’ third-annual Secret Santa event. I have another Secret Santa review coming up at The Nihon Reiew. Both are spoiler-free reviews.)

I knew a little bit about Kaiba going in: Mainly that the main character wakes up in the beginning of the series having lost his memory, and that the crux of the series is a journey to regain that memory. And I also knew that the man at the helm of the series is Masaki Yuasa, a man with no shortage of admirers, at least in the circles of anime fandom in which I find myself. I count myself among those admirers: The man has a unique, distinctive vision for his stories, and the way they play out onscreen is fascinating. I could see why people may be turned off by the aesthetics of his works, but I find that his unique brand of “ugliness” usually fits in perfectly with the stories he tells.

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Vampire Wars and the Joy of Terribad

Posted in Random Shit, Vampire Wars with tags on 11/14/2011 by Shinmaru

The most common reaction to one of my favorite pursuits . . .

I watched the OVA Vampire Wars yesterday, and I was struck by how much I truly enjoyed it. It’s not “good” in the sense that most people consider the word, but it’s thoroughly entertaining, and in a way that to me goes beyond irony. And it got me to think about how I enjoy so-called “terribad” anime: That, much like how I watch anime normally, I can deal with some disappointments and less than stellar shows in pursuit of something that really speaks to me and moves me — though with terribad, that often involves being moved to laughter. But enjoyment is enjoyment, right?

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Random Mashup Shit #3

Posted in Chihayafuru, Future Diary, Random Mashup, Random Shit with tags , on 10/28/2011 by Shinmaru

Future Diary episode 3

I wonder how far the series will ratchet up everything before it ends. We’re just at episode 3, and already the psycho stalker girlfriend has a pile of bodies she’s hiding in a closet. Just an unfortunate happening (wink wink) that Yukiteru stumbled upon the corpse room while hanging out at Yuno’s house after their oh so charming date. It sort of reminds me of Infinite Ryvius, which spent the whole series slowly ratcheting  up the tension, and then when things got to the breaking point, the story whipped out a shit ton of crazy plot twists. They should have been unbelievable, but they worked because the tension is manipulated so well that the audience almost has no choice but to be invested in the characters.

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Random Mashup Shit #2

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Chihayafuru episode 3

I d’awwwed at Team Chihayafuru and lol’d at Dr. Karuta. I wonder if he’s ever scared kids away from karuta due to being so overbearing at the sight of young blood playing his beloved game. Anyway, the developments in this episode went by a bit quickly for me, but that is probably part of the point — the three young’uns got precious little time to play karuta together, but it was pretty awesome while it lasted. I thought the over-the-top emotion worked pretty well, too: When you find something you’re passionate about, especially when you’re so young, it’s this big, massive thing. It occupies your entire world. Chihaya’s reaction to Taichi and Arata moving away is silly and selfish from the perspective of an adult; however, from her perspective, it’s at least understandable, because this big part of herself that Chihaya has recently discovered has been ripped away from her. At least the doc gets her to understand, though.

The only part of the episode that really struck me as ridiculous is the bit with Chihaya’s sister where she’s like, “Chihaya should just keep gushing about how great I am.” That’s a bit too absurdly egotistical for me to swallow, haha. Most things with Chihaya’s family tend to take me out of the show, actually . . . they’re by far the least subtle element of a show that isn’t particularly subtle in the first place.

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