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Why I Love Nanami Kiryuu

Posted in Random Shit, Revolutionary Girl Utena with tags on 10/13/2010 by Shinmaru

Your friend and mine, Mr. Scamp, has recently started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, and last time I checked (although he could be past this episode by now, who knows), he was close to one of my favorite episodes in the series, ep16, aka the infamous cow episode. And it got me to thinking more after that about how much I enjoyed Nanami throughout the series, and how relatively little love she seems to get elsewhere . . . mostly because not only is she a scheming asshole who looks down upon others, but also because she’s not particularly good at the scheming, especially when compared to the heavy hitters in the show. She’s a punchline (always the star of the comedy episodes, notice), someone not taken seriously by the world at all despite the inflated opinion she has of her own worth.

But I always got a kick out of Nanami, for serious and not-so-serious reasons. She may earn scorn from a sizable (though it’s not for me to say how sizable) portion of the fanbase, but I love her nonetheless. Here’s why.

(Spoilers past this point, particularly for reason No. 3.)

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