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Twelve Moments in Anime No. 2: First and Last Dance of Love

Posted in 12 Moments, Rose of Versailles with tags , on 12/25/2009 by Shinmaru

Once again I am getting to this much later than I anticipated, but as it gets closer to Christmas, things grow ever more hectic around here — especially since I had to work today and tomorrow (it’s never officially ‘tomorrow’ for me until I go to sleep and wake up). Alas. I’ll get to the final anime moment in the morning; for now, Moment No. 2. (Or No. 11 — whichever count you prefer is fine by me.)

This year I watched the amazing, beautiful and totally deserving of way more flattering adjectives series Rose of Versailles. Rose packs in more memorable moments within a few moments than many series manage to cobble together within their entire runs, so narrowing this down to one in particular that stuck out to me was a difficult task. (Hell, for a moment, I even considered writing about the show’s wonderful OP sequence!) In the end, I whittled everything down to either Oscar and Marie Antoinette’s final confrontation before the French Revolution comes to a head, or Oscar dancing with Fersen . . . and I decided to follow my heart and go with the latter, although the former is itself an intense, highly emotional moment.

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