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Yet the Town Keeps Going – Logic Is Serious Business

Posted in Random Shit, Soredemo with tags , on 11/02/2010 by Shinmaru

One of the crucial elements of comedy is that a character must be serious. The audience is laughing, but the character isn’t — this character has total belief in what he or she is doing, an unwavering dedication to what makes him or her tick. Even better if they’re a mostly normal character who has just this one bizarre obsession that sets ’em outside the norm. I love a snarky, wisecracking character as much as anyone, but what really makes me guffaw until I can’t breathe is someone with serious flaws who either doesn’t know about ’em or just plain does not give a shit.

That’s a big part of why I’ve made a big turn around on Yet the Town Keeps Going/Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (whichever your prefer) in the past couple of episodes. Sanada got a couple of chuckles out of me in the first couple of episodes, but I mostly wrote the show off until Moriaki became more prominent and allowed Hotori to truly blossom by giving her a worthy adversary. The last two episodes have given me plenty of laughs, with the most recent episode being particularly hilarious.

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