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Un-Go episode 0 – Questions and Answers

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The line between fan and creator is thinner now than ever before. Idiots like myself can pick apart episodes of TV series and movies to no end, and if creators are so inclined they can essentially receive a running critique on their works in real time. One of the eternal struggles that seems to be stronger with the Internet amassing thousands (if not millions) of angry nerd voice is what questions to explicitly answer in the story, and what to leave to speculation.

It’s a tough task for any writer. The storyteller is undoubtedly biased; he or she knows the story inside and out and has a definite idea of what is important and what is not. Fans . . . see it differently, to say the least. There are some who aren’t happy unless everything is tied up in a neat bow and every question is answered, which leads to writers pandering to them with awful stuff like the “Stranger in a Strange Land” episode of Lost, where the whole point was to see where Jack got his dumb tattoos. However, there are also legitimate gripes; what’s apparent to writers is not always apparent to fans, and there’s a constant tug of war between making what the writer wants to say obvious enough and too obvious.

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Random Mashup Shit #2

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Chihayafuru episode 3

I d’awwwed at Team Chihayafuru and lol’d at Dr. Karuta. I wonder if he’s ever scared kids away from karuta due to being so overbearing at the sight of young blood playing his beloved game. Anyway, the developments in this episode went by a bit quickly for me, but that is probably part of the point — the three young’uns got precious little time to play karuta together, but it was pretty awesome while it lasted. I thought the over-the-top emotion worked pretty well, too: When you find something you’re passionate about, especially when you’re so young, it’s this big, massive thing. It occupies your entire world. Chihaya’s reaction to Taichi and Arata moving away is silly and selfish from the perspective of an adult; however, from her perspective, it’s at least understandable, because this big part of herself that Chihaya has recently discovered has been ripped away from her. At least the doc gets her to understand, though.

The only part of the episode that really struck me as ridiculous is the bit with Chihaya’s sister where she’s like, “Chihaya should just keep gushing about how great I am.” That’s a bit too absurdly egotistical for me to swallow, haha. Most things with Chihaya’s family tend to take me out of the show, actually . . . they’re by far the least subtle element of a show that isn’t particularly subtle in the first place.

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Random Mashup Shit #1

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So I’ve been waiting to see if another series would scratch that blogging itch this season, but although a couple have come close, I haven’t totally bought into anything (or maybe I’m just lazy and want more time to play Mass Effect 2). That’s not to say what I’ve been watching is bad, of course. There’s been some decent stuff released so far, and I would like to write a bit about them all. So I figured I would do something totally creative and innovative utterly unoriginal and write quick thoughts about whatever the hell interests me each week. Hopefully I won’t be writing about the same series each post, because that wouldn’t be fun at all.

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