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Kaiba’s Black Humor

Posted in Kaiba, Random Shit with tags on 12/27/2011 by Shinmaru

One element of Kaiba I wanted to write about in my Secret Santa review is the show’s black sense of humor, but I couldn’t find a decent way to work it in to the review. That thing was getting too long, anyway. So now, since this week’s episode of Hunter x Hunter is a recap episode, and I’m not writing about that shit, you get this instead. Hooray!

Spoilers for episode 7 of Kaiba lurk within this post. Enter at your own risk!

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Kaiba – Adrift in Memories

Posted in Crappy Reviews, Kaiba, Random Shit, Secret Santa with tags on 12/24/2011 by Shinmaru

(This is my review for Reverse Thieves’ third-annual Secret Santa event. I have another Secret Santa review coming up at The Nihon Reiew. Both are spoiler-free reviews.)

I knew a little bit about Kaiba going in: Mainly that the main character wakes up in the beginning of the series having lost his memory, and that the crux of the series is a journey to regain that memory. And I also knew that the man at the helm of the series is Masaki Yuasa, a man with no shortage of admirers, at least in the circles of anime fandom in which I find myself. I count myself among those admirers: The man has a unique, distinctive vision for his stories, and the way they play out onscreen is fascinating. I could see why people may be turned off by the aesthetics of his works, but I find that his unique brand of “ugliness” usually fits in perfectly with the stories he tells.

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