The Top Best Worst Anime

I am an avid watcher of the worst of the worst in anime — whenever I have the time (which is much rarer than I’d like, sadly), I watch stuff with a group of nerds online and have good ol’ fun times. But when I can’t, I catch up with the stuff on my lonesome because I’m dumb. This is, of course, not a definitive list of bad anime because 1) I am by no means an expert (there is a ton of stuff I’ve yet to watch), and 2) It includes only the anime watched by the fine folks of the SCCSAV terribad anime watch group (because I’m a dirty elitist). Eventually stuff like X/1999 or Baoh or what have you will likely find their way onto here. They just have to watch them. (I fear the day when they finally complete Reign: The Conqueror.)

So, for now, just have fun and read about bad, often silly anime! Who knows — you might actually find something you like in there! Despite my dumb, hyperbolic ravings, I had a blast watching much of this nonsense. It’s not like I could make anything better!

Post updated June 7, 2012.

EDIT: From now on, I will be updating this list over at The Cart Driver!

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