Fractale 10 – Stuff Happens

Hey, the older woman is jealous of the younger one? You never see that anywhere! That’s the kind of novel storytelling I’ve come to expect from Fractale.

So, uh, that was something. Instead of making the villains interesting, let’s make them all crazy and/or petty and vindictive. What reaction are you supposed to have to this stuff when the story has been built in such a shoddy way so far? When what’s her face drew Phryne in with the crocodile tears and then started choking the life out of her, I couldn’t help but laugh. The whole thing was totally predictable (even Goku doesn’t fall for this shit anymore), and we’ve seen so little of this priestess that the extreme behavior out of nowhere is ridiculous rather than shocking. She may as well have been force feeding Phryne dog food like in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Also, Phryne blubbering when the priestess hit her with counterarguments against shutting down the Fractale System is hilarious. Haven’t you spent the past nine episodes being hardcore against Fractale? But she crumbles at the first sign of obvious arguments from the priestess. Uh, she never thought about this shit before she decided to fight against Fractale? Come on. You’d think she would show a bit more conviction and backbone. At least the ankle biting was kind of cool.

You didn’t think I would skip over this screenshot, did you?

Clain is just . . . whatever. “You’re all murderers!! But you’re also my friends because you let me ride around in a flying machine!! Yippee!!” Sigh. Clain and Sunda’s conversation about how they’ve both changed is hilarious, too. You know characters have changed a lot when they have to take the time to tell you how much they’ve changed. So stupid. If you really changed so much, the writers wouldn’t have to tell us about it. But, hey, whatever.

Also had to shake my head at Clain gunning up. Guess it’s OK if you don’t kill anyone, after all. He’s just to blast away to protect people even though he’s never shot a gun in his life. Oi. It sure is nice that Clain’s wild bullet sprays didn’t hit anyone and destroyed the magic wand that was keeping Nessa in place! Man, that Clain sure is a great shot for being so inexperienced! He doesn’t have to deal with the responsibility of firing a gun at someone and killing them at all, even though he was all, “Guns are bad and kill people mm’kay” the series! What a guy!

The only entertaining character anymore is Dias. Sure he’s as simplistic and stupidly written as the other characters, but at least he is sort of consistent. I will say, though, that the whole time I suspected he was trying to gather Phryne and Nessa together so that he could somehow take over the Fractale System for himself. (And, frankly, he could still do that, especially since he is shown in this episode to have a continuing attachment to Fractale.) Seems like the kind of stupid twist the show would pull out at the last minute for extra shock value.

Also, licking. Lots and lots of licking.

5 Responses to “Fractale 10 – Stuff Happens”

  1. When watching this episode all I could think was “Shinmaru is going to use that Clain punch screenshot”

    Watching this show is painful, I was doing it out of pity for Yamakan but it’s just so horrible…

  2. People get choaked and licked! Yes they do in this episode, lots of Eureka 7 flash backs for me especially when Clain takes a punch to the face to become a “man” lolol.

    I like this series now! To bad it took this long to actually get good, still can’t wait to see how things end.

  3. That was a beautiful punch. Best thing to happen in the series in a long time.

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