High School of the Dead 8 – Boob Ripples

Really, what can I write that has not already been pointed out? Madhouse has gone beyond the impossible and kicked reason to the curb with the fanservice in this episode. Can it even be classified as fanservice now? The bullet time panties probably still counts, but the bullet time boobs and boob recoil cushions? That’s just . . . out there, something else entirely. I suppose someone out there must have got a dirty thrill from flopping boobs and boob ripples. My mind is mostly picking up the pieces of itself after being shattered by that scene.

So, uh, death chart?

Takashi: He’s once again off on his own, this time with Saeko but also with no weapon to speak of right now since Saya is, er, handling his shotgun at the moment. Not that this puts him in any huge danger with a loyal bodyguard like Saeko around for protection, but if they meet up with another massive horde of zombies like in this episode, then there will be trouble. At least he got to fulfill some weird otaku fantasy before leaving. “Sorry”, my ass. You planned it this way, you dog!

Likelihood of survival: Something tells me the next episode will be relatively quiet, for the most part, until Takashi and Saeko meet a decent-sized group of zombies. They’ll survive that ordeal and meet up with the rest of the group no problem.

Rei: This whole episode seems to be karma for Rei embarrassing Saeko at the beginning. One moment she is admiring the transience of beauty in the mortal world, and the next she is flying off the Hummer after Marikawa comes to a rough stop and then Takashi uses her breasts to absorb the recoil of his gun. (That’s what she said.) That has to hurt, right? Didn’t look very pleasant to me. Hasn’t Rei been roughed up enough already? Settle down, Madhouse!

Likelihood of survival: She’s not going to die while Takashi is not around to see it, so she is safe at least until he returns to the group.

Kouta: He has basically become the general of this group. Takashi is the emotional leader, but without Kouta’s knowledge, they’d all be zombie food by now. I hope they all give Kouta the thanks he so richly deserves before they go to sleep at night. Kouta is also scoring a few points with the horror gods by protecting Alice so fervently and even striking up a friendship with her. The otaku becomes closest to the little girl? My god, I’m shocked!

Likelihood of survival: The good karma from protecting Alice and acting like a big brother figure of sorts will help Kouta, but there’s always the chance that he could follow the same fate as Alice’s pops, which would, uh, kind of mess her up for life.

Saya: Finally taking a real stand and refusing to sit back and watch while everyone does the dirty work, although she is not immediately very successful. Baby steps, Saya. Baby steps. The fact that she is actually willing to help out with the zombie killing does earn her some points, though, and she also has quite the useful (and good looking!) mother, which is also helpful. But she also doesn’t seem to realize that she is the long shot in the Takashi love square.

Likelihood of survival: She’s not dying as long as her mom is there to protect her. Would you cross an angry mother looking to protect her daughter? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Saeko: If only this series were set in America, then Saeko would have a ready-made nickname after this episode: The Fastest Breasts in the West. Man, those things must have been flying in real time! The boob whiplash must have been excruciating, though. Props to Saeko for soldiering on through that. And she once again proves her solid loyalty to Takashi by not only whacking the hell out of the zombies during the whole ordeal, but also by remaining semi-protective of Takashi even in her sleep. The drool gives away a bit of her zealousness, however.

Likelihood of survival: There’s always the chance that she goes a bit too far in protecting Takashi and gets herself killed, but I can’t really see this happening right now.

Marikawa: Even though she doesn’t show any signs of a hangover and the crashing/stalling of the Hummer isn’t really her fault at all (by the way: subtle fanservice joke that Marikawa is driving a Hummer?), I’m going to be a dick and say, “I told you so!” anyway.

Likelihood of survival: Maybe someone else will be able to do the driving now and Marikawa can sit back and sleep like she wants!

Shido: No boobs = gtfo.

Likelihood of survival: He’s going to hang himself because he missed all the flopping teenage breasts.

Rika: Guns, bullet time and breasts. Perfect Rika episode, right? So of course she is nowhere to be seen. I am disappoint.

Likelihood of survival: She is probably killing tons of offscreen zombies right now. Sigh.

Alice: She has Kouta eating out of the palm of her hand. She’s not going anywhere.

Likelihood of survival: This is the true power of moe.


13 Responses to “High School of the Dead 8 – Boob Ripples”

  1. Don Wallace Says:

    Actually, the fan service matches the manga excactly.

  2. “The Fastest Breasts in the West.”

    lol, what an awesome name for an awesome pair of breasts. I’m literally laughing as I’m typing this.

  3. At first, I thought they would go for a through the cleavage shot, but they did one better and had them switch sides while the bullet was between them. Given how fast they were flopping, they should’ve produced a sonic boom.

    This is turning out to be a masterpiece.

  4. for breasts to move like that is practically impossible. No rly.

    And only japan will EVER do something as ridic as this

  5. Shizuka does show some signs of a hangover though, as she’s got her eyes closed in half the driving shots due to increased photosensitivity. For example:

    It’s a wonder that the fence is the only thing she ran into. I mean, besides the zombies.

    I was a bit upset that they all kinda threw the “not fighting battles you have no chance of winning” concept out the window again. Sure, it was an emergency situation, but the coordination they had in the beginning episodes was totally missing, as was any sort of a plan. I guess it just bothered me that they had to get bailed out when they really could have handled it themselves with a little thought. I’d dock everyone an episode of survivability for that, but I don’t think that they’re going to wrap this up at episode 12 so I’m not sure how to apply this to the scale. Rei gets special mention, and a two episode docking, for being too top heavy to succesfully ride on top of the HumVee.

    And for some reason your nickname for Saeko made me flash back to that one scene from the Elvira movie… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTiGanOhKaQ&has_verified=1

    So, uh, thanks for that.

    • Guess I need more experience with hangovers . . . or not, haha.

      Yeah, you’d think that with all the practice they’ve had working as a team that they would be better able to execute an attack like that. I suppose there were just too many damn zombies for them to be totally effective.

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