Kuragehime 4 – V-V-V-Virgins?!

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m absolutely shocked — shocked! — that Shuu is a virgin. Almost as shocked as Louie was to find gambling at Rick’s in Casablanca.

Maybe he did realize that was Tsukimi in the last episode, though. He didn’t seem particularly shocked to see her with her glasses on (the Clark Kent Effect is not a go here), and there was of course his run-in with Tsukimi later in the episode. The guy’s come to terms with the fact that his crush is a big ol’ geek rather than a Yamato Nadeshiko extraordinaire . . . or, at least, that she lives with a bunch of geeks. Maybe he’s still holding out hope for her.

Also, I definitely smell shipping wars on the horizon. I can tell that people are shoring up their lines for battle. Shuu is crushing on Tsukimi (who is already falling headlong into the “Why was he hugging me?! He can’t like me . . . he’s just a really nice guy!” anime misconception dealie), and now Kuranosuke is bit by the Tsukimi bug. “Wow, why am I relieved that she’s back to her geeky look?! Why does it bother me that my brother is all rabu rabu with her?!” A bit heavy-handed, I think, but it’s anime, so it’s not as if that’s a shock or anything. It was kind of funny to see Kuranosuke react so strongly, though, since he basically hooked them up. “Shit, can I get a mulligan on that??”

It’s probably a parody of some computer brand, but I enjoy that Shuu has a “NED” computer since he kind of has a Ned Flanders thing going on.

I wonder when the politics will fully converge with the wacky romantic hijinks going on? If there is one thing that is sure to stop government construction projects, it is wacky romantic hijinks. That’s what threw Bill Clinton off near the end of his second presidential term, right? Shuu certainly seems to be thinking a bit about going back on the plan now. I wonder how much political power he has; probably not that much given how young he is, although he is related to two guys who wield a good deal of power (although one is probably on his way out soon, given his low approval rating and Japan’s propensity to boot out prime ministers at the drop of a hat). But, yes, five bucks says that Shuu is stubborn about the project at first and then slowly decides to relent. :p

I did like the amusing point the episode makes about people willfully ignoring politics and plunging into a fantasy world, even when they are directly affected. Is it worse to be politically ignorant or politically apathetic? I’d say the latter. At least the former might not be intentional. The Nuns know the danger their building is in, but they’re leaving all the political heavy lifting to everyone else and hoping that a miracle will happen. I think we all know by now that there are no miracles in politics. (Actually, the one miracle is that we swallow so much of what goes on in politics, but I digress.) Get out their and defend your building, ladies! Or at least sneak a gopher into the local golf course and mess up the politicos’ skins game.

But jellyfish are waaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than politics, anyway, amirite?


24 Responses to “Kuragehime 4 – V-V-V-Virgins?!”

  1. Hmm, I’m torn in the shipping wars. I think Tsukimi and Shuu would be a nice virgin pair who could have explosive nosebleeds together… but I really like Kuranosuke too, and I have no confidence in Tsukimi’s fashion abilities without him. I think I need to see more from both.

    On an unrelated note, but is it just me or do Tsukimi’s freckles go away when she’s getting all She’s All That-ified?

    • Yeah, I think they do. They’re probably just covered up by make-up. Are freckles uncommon in Japan? Kuranosuke would probably cover them up so that Tsukimi wouldn’t look “weird”.

  2. adaywithoutme Says:

    Mark me down for the TsukimixShuu ship! Load the charges and prepare for ship-to-ship combat!

    • lulz Somehow my blog has avoided any shipping wars despite being around more than a year and covering a decent number of romance series. The closest I’ve come is objecting heartily to Shinra x Celty in Durarara!! Never got anyone arguing in favor of that pairing, though. Sadness.

      I’m probably on the S.S. Shuukimi right now, though I could be swayed either way.

      • adaywithoutme Says:

        I’m pretty sure I’ve never come even close to shipping wars on my own blog, but I also don’t really blog about romance shows. If shipping does appear on my blog, its generally along the lines of “LULZ BL PAIRING WITH NO CHANCE!!!11 LOLLL IM STUPID!”.

        ShinraxCelty was more or less the ship that sank any desire on my part to keep watching Durarara. Blech. Left such a bad taste in my mouth.

        I probably like TsukimixShuu best because they’re both pretty dorky. Their delayed-reaction nosebleeds were hysterical.

  3. Great. Now when I hear Shuu speak, all I’ll hear is “okilly dokilly”

  4. I don’t know that Shuu’s accepted Tsukimi’s geekiness so much as he’s found alternative explanations to match his ideals (e.g. that she cares a lot about nature rather than being a purely jellyfish otaku). He’ll have to come to terms with that at some point though, so that’ll be interesting to see how his view changes when faced with the fact that she’s a Cinderella character of sorts.

  5. Hmm, Shuu is kind of boring while Kuranosuke is outgoing and knows the “real” Tsukimi. Still, Tsukimi x Shuu (ShuuKimi?) would subvert the usual romantic setup of the ugly duckling vein. He’s quite the catch and if she’s not with Shuu, Tsukimi will regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of her life. Tsukimi x Kuranosuke? They’ll always have the jellyfish.

  6. Kaitune Says:

    I always dig Shuu from the start because his character designs apply to almost all of my fetishes (prim and proper serious dude in suit and glasses!!!), however, that just gone from ‘I know Tsukimi would pick the trap, but Shuu is kinda nice’ to ‘OMBFG! IAMGOINGTOSHIPTHEMRIGHTNOW’.

    It’s probably just my thing, but I really really admire guys who can keep their virginity until the right ladies come along. Sure, he is a bit of a serious guy, but he is a rich good-looking man with bright future and no awkward social issue (as far as we have seen). He is right in the league where he can get laid fairly easily, but he just continues keeping his cherry from being pop. In a way, I feel like he suits Tsukimi better than our fabulous trap. Then again, the trap probably wins.

    • lol, everyone has something that appeals to ’em visually, so I can’t fault you for initially liking Shuu due to that. The virginity deal doesn’t mean much to me though, just because I don’t want to fetishize that kind of thing.

      • Kaitune Says:

        Virgin dude isn’t exactly a fetish for me, but more like the guys whom I admire for the balls to keep their virginity. I guess it’s because I am kinda sick of how the culture encourages men to get some while nagging the ladies to play Virgin Mary (the society is changing now, but this attitude was handled quite heavy-handed in the culture where I grew, and people’s bias don’t change quickly enough even when the gender role does). I don’t have anything against non-virgin dudes though. But when a guy does the rare thing keeps his virginity for someone he likes (not because he can’t get some), I feel that it is pretty sweet of him and that makes quite a big plus point for me.

        However… I do admit that the rest of Shuu’s characteristics (uncounting the virginity) is right in my fetish preference, so definitely ShuuKimi!!!

        • lol, yeah, I didn’t mean to imply anything about you. My apologies. I don’t really care for the double standard either — if someone wants to keep his or her virginity or not, that’s their business. I try not to look down on people for getting some/not getting some, because it would be quite silly of me to judge. :p

  7. I’m on the Tsukimi x Kuranosuke ship…
    Kuranosuke accepted Tsukimi and the nunz as who they were when they first met. He also doesn’t seem to have any problems with Tsukimi’s otaku-ness and just seems be happy and content in her company.
    Shuu on the other hand doesn’t want to ‘see’ the real Tsukimi and continues to delude himself into believe that Tsukimi is someone she’s not…(but then I guess that’s also because Kuranosuke hyped her up). Tsukimi’s make-up was still on I think at the end of the episode, so I guess she still looked good, and Shuu didn’t realize she was the creepy geek he met in last episode.

    I can’t get over the Olé song….Olé, Olé Olé Olé!! Lol…love it…


    • Oh snap, pro Tsukimi x Kuranosuke shipper on board! (They need a catchy nickname. Shuukimi is really obvious, but I’m not good enough to come up with something good for the other potential relationship.) I’m not on that side at the moment, but it is nice to see some support there.


    This episode was definitely the start of serious shipping thoughts for me, though it’s been growing for awhile like the simmering tension before war. And not only am I pro-Shuukimi, this episode has really gotten me annoyed with Kuranosuke interfering all of a sudden.

    Given how the show has been fairly conventional, even with its unconventional premise, I’m guessing that my ship will eventually sink. But as with Inuyasha X Kikiyo and Fuumi X Saku in days past, a slim chance of victory is no reason not to fight ship!

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