Anime Expo 2011 Made My Legs Explode Part the First

The story of Anime Expo: A bunch of Asians and a random Mexican.

So, I got back from yet another great Anime Expo on Monday, but I have been so damn busy since then contributing to Behind the Nihon Review’s convention coverage that I haven’t had time to sit down and write any personal thoughts about the whole event! (Also, I’ve watched exactly two episodes of anime in the past week.) But now most of my contributions are in the can and waiting to be published, so it’s time for . . . more writing about Anime Expo! Hooray!

This was the year of a few of firsts for me: My first time attending all four days of the convention (been going for seven years prior, and I’d always attended for one or two days at most), my first time attending as press (thanks to The Nihon Review being a much bigger, more established site than this rinky dink operation), and my first time staying at a hotel for the convention (usually I’d just bum a ride from someone). The latter two especially made this convention experience vastly different than any other time I have gone to Anime Expo, which is a good thing. You need to switch things up every so often so that you don’t get burned out on things (which almost happened to me after a couple of years of going to AX).

So anyway, I’ll be going through the day-by-day skinny of the event, which means that this will be a horribly bloated nightmare of a post, but fuck it, I’ve waited too long to write to justify making separate posts for separate groups of days except I totally did it, anyway, because Jesus Christ this took forever to write.

Day 0

This day is important mainly to press folks (who go to the press junket to interview guests) and for attendees who are staying in hotels and want to get check-in and con registration done without wasting a big chunk of a day that actually matters. For The Nihon Review, this day was probably the most important to us, because we would actually get AX coverage that is exclusive to us through the unique interviews we conducted (as opposed to panels and stuff where everyone is seeing the same thing).

Kylaran would do most of the work — conducting an interview of his own and interpreting for two others — so he was pretty nervous while staying over at my place before the con, while I was mostly chilling and playing Red Dead Redemption since I was just the camera man. That’s what you get for having talents people can use! Seriously, though, he busted his ass working for these interviews, and apart from a couple of stumbles, they went pretty damn well. (And one stumble during the Nirgilis interview seemed to open everyone up, so hey.)

This is me getting bored during the Onyx Kobayashi interview (with Eternal’s arm making a cameo appearance). Not that the interview was boring; he actually gave thoughtful answers. He just wasn’t as visually engaging as Nirgilis because he mostly sat still the whole time, so I mostly fucked around looking for silly angles lol. But, yes, not much went on during Day 0 other than us hanging out with the crew from Anime Diet, whom I saw a lot more of this year being press and all. Won’t say too much about the interviews themselves since they’ll go up eventually.

But, here, have a pic from the Nirgilis interview, on the house:

Good times.


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18 Responses to “Anime Expo 2011 Made My Legs Explode Part the First”

  1. Nothing quite matched them not getting G-G-G-G-GAO GAI GAR though!

    And no, it wasn’t experience that got me to bring the press guidelines, but paranoia! Probably one of the few times where paranoia does indeed pay off. :3

  2. Hey, it was awesome meeting and hanging out with you and all the other bloggers. Thanks for all the shout outs! I finally transferred all the videos to the computer last night so the Furukawa panel video should up be soon.

  3. I went to their show just to shout random things, not to take press photos! The energy level on the bottom floor was pretty good, if you guys got a look. Maybe I should also write it up properly.


    Man, there’s a ton of you anime blog types that I didn’t see at AX. Maybe next time.

    • Yeah, I could actually see your party from the balcony LOL. I saw Mystlord in the crowd, as well. Was kind of surreal. I probably would have joined in after being squashed by The Man if I weren’t so grumpy afterward. (And, of course, my feet were starting to ache at that point, and I am a total wuss when it comes to that.

  4. Holy crap, is it just me or does Eternal’s arm seem really skinny? Sounds like you had an absolute blast. Looking forward to more.

  5. It seems like all the anibloggers spooned each other in their fancy private hotel rooms while I roomed with two of my high school friends and went around the con with them 99% of the time (the other 1% was when I was lost in the con and/or sat around with friends in the Artist Alley).

    I really wanted to hang out with the aniblogger group, but I never got a chance to! My high school group wanted to go to this and to that and seeing as how I haven’t seen them in months, I had no choice but to go with ’em!

    excuses excuses

    so yeah tl;dr I’m going to ditch my friends for several hours next year. All I did was see your faces this year.

    also zzeroparticle is very skinny

    also I am very buff

    they call me buff master X

    • It’s all right. I understand, you traitor.

      Also, I can only call you a traitor over the Interwebs, because you are so buff and scary.

    • Yeah, that’s right – cower in fear!

      I actually didn’t attend the aniblogger meetup. I sent one of my many lackeys to the pitiful event. If I had gone in person, none of you would have survived to post the tale.

      I can only call you Mexican over the internet becau
      wait you are Mexican nevermind

      Is Mexican a bad word, anyway? I hear people saying ‘Hispanic’ all the time, so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

      P.S.: Who’s the guy on the very left in the first picture? I recognize the others.

  6. Whoaaaa looks like you had a great time! 😀

    Thanks for sharing xD

  7. I’ll be looking forward to all of the interviews and stuff. Heh, the great thing about “looking forward to reading” is that it doesn’t involve ACTUAL reading. With all of the new shows airing there are a billion posts I would like to read, ATM, but don’t have time for. Not to mention shows to watch. Better get back to it.

  8. Haha. Glad that you liked the kevo experience. I definitely hope I can make it again. It was a blast meeting you, Shinmaru. You are the bomb!

  9. Seinime Says:

    Good read, thanks for sharing. I have I feeling I will not belong due to my low knowledge of older anime. Heck, better start catching up now…can’t wait for part 2 😛

  10. You’re not the only one that thinks that Sawashiro did a good job as Maria. It was really nice to hear someone actually be constantly casually threatening with a hint of big sisterness in her performance in both seasons. A lot of people try and fail at both.

  11. And Maria in Arakawa Under the Bridge is built on that assertive quality, which makes that voice omega hot. (But I seem to be the only one who thinks this.)


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