Bitchin’ Space Pirates 23 – The Password Is: Moe

Haha, OK, I have to hand it to the show for the silly handwaving this week regarding the Parabellum and its silly, theatrical technology. First off we find out that the image of the captain, who goes by Ironbeard, is actually a hologram. The thing that perplexes me is why the episode went out of its way to hide that at the end. Obviously if you think about it, Ironbeard isn’t actually standing on top of his ship in the middle of space and shouting. The image at the end of the previous episode is clearly different than the image we see here, however. I suppose it’s to make Ironbeard seem even more larger than life; really, though, it made me realize more how silly this show is that I actually thought for a moment it would have a pirate standing on his ship exposed to space and shouting.

It also turns out that Ironbeard isn’t shouting in space, since, you know, there’s no air in space. Instead, the Parabellum is pumping its sound into the Bettenmaru because, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, for the lulz? Seems like a silly use of whatever technology they’re employing. I’d be too busy laughing to be intimidated by their ship after learning of that. Ah well. It’s definitely silly, but I enjoyed it purely on the basis of the writers actually going through the effort of coming up with a dumb explanation for this stuff. It’s necessary because more than a few people, including myself, were like, “Huh? What?” after Ironbeard’s initial appearance.

Whatever the case, Ironbeard is definitely being built up a lot. I’m still leaning toward the theory that he’s Marika’s father, but even if he isn’t, he’s someone with whom both Misa and Kane are familiar. There’s always the chance that Ironbeard will be some invented character from the past, but I dunno, the dad makes the most sense. But with that in mind, why would Misa and Kane be the only ones to react? Surely the rest of the Bettenmaru crew would recognize him? Maybe that will be handwaved in some silly fashion, as well.

This is probably the most exciting event of the rest of the episode.

Most of the rest of the episode is spent alternately talking about getting the pirate crew together and PARRRRRRTAAAAAAAAAAY because Chiaki isn’t being underutilized is returning to school. The main bit from the talking is that perhaps the Grand Cross, the crazy pirate ship attacking our lucky ducky heroes, is part of an experimental force the biggest, baddest government is working on, and they’re throwing them at pirates to gather the precious battle data that always seems to be the motivation for antagonists in Japanese video games. Maybe they’re just planning on beefing up the military, or perhaps some galactic domination is on the horizon, but either scenario (and probably most others) is bad for the pirates, who will be wiped out regardless.

Even banding together doesn’t seem as if it will help much, especially if they have to face multiple ships capable of dismantling a pirate ship in second flat, but they have the sheer, plot-altering power of the Bettenmaru on their side, and perhaps the holographic powers of the Parabellum, which I am sure will help. The important thing is that by uniting with a common goal, the pirates will be able to employ The Power of Friendship and The Power of Love (of pirating), and surely an army of pirates will be bursting at the seams with hot blood, hard work and guts, so these new ships are pretty much fucked even before they begin battle.

But I do like that the plan for bringing the pirates together involves an awesome cook. That’s probably the most realistic part of the episode. I know I would be much more likely to meet with people if I knew awesome food would be there. Pirates are hearty people. They like to eat, right? Actually, there’s also another thing I liked about the episode: that the Yacht Club has its own password system now. I don’t think they adopted it to protect themselves; rather, they adopted it because they’re all good friends and have known each other for a while, and it’s a silly thing they decided to do for no real reason. It’s a cute touch.

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