Bitchin’ Space Pirates 24 – Best Crossover Ever?

This Pirate Hunter is Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny. Prove me wrong.

So lots of stuff happening in this episode! Let’s start with Blue Rose up here since her screenshot is up there and everything. In the grand tradition of Mouretsu Pirates villains, she’s an arrogant fucking idiot. She’s basically toying with the Bettenmaru, because she has so many advantages that she could crush the ship any time she wants. What we know: 1) Her ship can zig zag like a mofo, although Marika has apparently figured out some sort of trick to avoiding bombardment. Maybe this is one of those dumb ships that can fire only from the bottom. 2) She has stealth and is skilled enough to sneak wherever she wants. She proceeds to use this power for taunting. Very imaginative. And 3) She has a stupid name (Quartz Christie).

I love a good, arrogant villain as much as anyone else, but we all know this lady is going to get curb stomped by the Bettenmaru, and she isn’t even doing anything to stop it aside from that half-hearted attack. Quartz can take out groups of seasoned pirates like nothing, but a ship led by a teenage girl? Why, that’s just too much, sir! She deserves to be owned in the most humiliating way possible at this point.

The only monkey wrench is the existence of these newfangled androids. I assume Blue Rose planted them on the ship, but you never know. Anyway, maybe it’s a smart plan. The Lucandroid could have been a red herring to disguise the presence of the Kanedroid. Still, there are some things that are confusing me about this. First, how the fuck is Kanedroid supposed to disguise its presence on the ship? Kane’s still out and about, as we can see, but there’s no point to making this stupid robot look like Kane if it never interacts with the Bettenmaru crew. Is it just hoping to get lucky and never run into Kane? What a dumbass robot.

The other thing confusing me is what the hell happened to Luca. Has she been kidnapped? Was she on the ship the whole time like Kane but never out front for whatever reason? Misa doesn’t seem to be too stressed out about what’s going on with Luca. Maybe they’ll get around to being worried in the next episode, but it strikes me as strange that they wouldn’t worry about that sort of thing right away.

But who cares about all that bullshit when you have another Chiaki Face?! This is why I watch anime.

I suppose the other major thing is the show moving one step closer to officially unveiling Ironbeard as Papa Katou. It is inevitable. It would also be kind of hilarious if he revealed himself as Marika’s father, gave some big speech and then he died. Or maybe he never reveals himself to Marika at all, and everyone but her knows that Ironbeard is her pops, because the disguise is so shitty. Of the two scenarios, I think I prefer the first because it would be much funnier.

Oh yeah, I guess there is one more thing . . .

Coorie, as played by Rachel Leigh Cook! I probably would have rolled my eyes at this a bit more if Coorie weren’t like “lol fuck off” at Kanedroid’s suggestion that she dress all sexxxay all the time.

4 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 24 – Best Crossover Ever?”

  1. To be honest when this arc began I could only see it going this way; it’s quite a step backwards from the easygoing utter rejection of being an action show the series has done before. I like, in theory, the idea of a plotline where the superpowers are tying up loose ends and the obsolescence of the protagonists is shown (after all, the whole plot has been about how because they’re useless they’re just a novelty) – but doing it with an unsubtle not-Abh piloting a Trans-AM beam-spamming space face and battling the villain from OZMA is not what I hoped for.

  2. Hogart Says:

    Pirate Hunter -> Blue Rose
    Ironbeard -> Tiger
    Me -> Confused

    Also, the lame cartwheeling and zipzagging ship makes me laugh every time I see it.

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