Man, Remember Rio? Shit Was Awesome


OK, I won’t leave you with just that. This is mostly for anyone aside from me who remembers this innocuous pair of tweets. I assume nobody remembers them. If someone did remember them, I’d give that person a gold star and call the cops, because clearly I am being monitored to a frightening degree.

If you are reading this more than a few minutes after the fact, you may know that I am now writing for The Cart Driver. In case you aren’t up on all your precious aniblogging gossip, however, let me inform you that I am in fact now writing for The Cart Driver! Yes, I will be the Kallen to Scamp’s Lelouch. An occasion of this magnitude calls only for the most appropriate music:

Aww yeah.

Anyway, because I am but one crude vessel of meat and bone, I do not have the time or energy to write for three blogs. I accepted Five Camp’s proposal to write for his silly Code Geass fan wank site with the knowledge that doing so would mean shutting down UNMEI KAIHEN Forever. Well, not Forever, at least not yet. There’s one episode left of Mouretsu Pirates, and because Anime Expo will take up most of my time this weekend, I probably won’t finish that off until Tuesday at the earliest. That means the final post on this dumb blog will be about moe space pirates. That finale had better be good, damn it!

I’ll continue writing about Hunter x Hunter on The Cart Driver, along with whatever dumb shit I decide to pick up for this upcoming awful season. I am also continuing my work on the Terribad List of Terrible Terribad Terribleness, because it’s obviously the most important work anyone is doing in the anime blogomabob, or, indeed, the Internet itself. Everything under those categories will be imported onto The Cart Driver. I apologize in advance if the site takes a big, fat shit on your RSS feeds. I’m not totally sure how the importing process works.

It’s been fun running my own dumb show here for nearly three years. One of the great joys of this business is the ability to be goofy as fuck without anyone caring at all. I’m not planning on changing much in the move to The Cart Driver; as I hope my intro post shows, I’ll still hold myself to the same rigorous intellectual standards as always. Maybe the one change is that there will be less sprawling, pointless, ultraviolent Sister Princess fanfiction. But you never know.

So, uh, that’s about it. Bye!

(P.S. This is basically why I did fuck all to advertise myself in the Aniblog Tourney a couple of rounds back. It would have been slightly awkward to be like, “Hey, tourney voters, welcome to my blog! By the way, go fuck yourselves, I quit.” Wait, what am I saying? That would have been hilarious! Why did I do such a lousy job of advertising myself, again??)

23 Responses to “Man, Remember Rio? Shit Was Awesome”

  1. Just as I become a regular lurker of your blog, THIS happens. Fuck me dead.

    • I’m sorry! But I’ll be doing all the same nonsense at The Cart Driver. I swear. If Scamp let me do the dumb shit I did for my intro post, he’ll basically let me do anything.

      • Hahaha, it’s okay, I’ll still be reading your posts no matter where they are. I am pretty interested in the stupid shit you guys’ll come up with.

  2. fathomlessblue Says:


    It’s been lots of fun, so thanks for all the years on the site. At least you’re not leaving the sphere for good, so I’ll see this as a positive thing; however, if I better not start seeing post about how great Love Hina is! Don’t let Scamp’s awful tastes taint you!

    Seriously though, good luck with your future endeavours!

  3. Two-time world champion Eli Manning Says:

    Quitters don’t win championships.

  4. I’ve only been reading for a little while, but somewhat longer than I’ve been commenting (Guilty Crown posts were awesome). It’s sad to see this place go, but I’m happy that you’ll still be around doing important work that many of us could only dream of doing.

  5. Well, I guess that makes it easier for me. Now I don’t have to get around to adding a new blog to my RSS feeds to read your posts.

  6. I unsubscribed from Scamp awhile back. It will be…difficult to resubscribe and resist raging at his negative opinions on anime that are clearly awesome.

  7. hell yeah! my favorite anime bloggers together! (actually i got to your blog by a cart driver’s reference)

  8. Sad to see this site be put on hold, but I’m glad to hear you’ll still be blogging anime. You’ve always been one of my favorite bloggers and a big reason why I got hooked on blogging whenever that was. Thanks for the wonderful posts and cherished memories!

  9. This is your last chance to slap badly drawn sunglasses on everything without anybody noticing!

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