Nothing to See Here Except a Loser Hanging On Another Year

Does it count if this blog shut down just shy of three years but I’m still plugging away elsewhere? Maybe we should say I am like one of those Death Row inmates with an eternal stay of execution.

Today is my three-year anniversary doing this nonsense. I would make this announcement at The Cart Driver, except I don’t have anything particularly interesting to go along with it. I’d rather not subject The Readers to me jerking myself off about silly milestones. Why do that when I can subject them to me jerking myself off with stupid anime metafiction? Clearly that is far superior.

So here I am! It’s been fun. Honestly, I’m thankful to Scamp for bringing me aboard his Code Geass worship site (that is secretly loaded with LelouchxSuzaku fanart; you just gotta look in the right places). It takes a peculiar kind of person to keep plugging away all alone for a few years with such small expectations. I mean, let’s face it — Scamp has a big site compared to anime blogs, but compared to actual Big Sites on the Internet? It’s still relatively tiny. So what does that make this joint? I’ll leave that question hanging. Suffice to say, if I kept at it on my own, I probably would have burned out or become indecipherable eventually. Maybe both.

But, yes, it does feel nice working with other people in both Japanimation-related things I do on the good ol’ Interwebs. It’s especially nice when I’m trusted to do whatever and it’s cool. How many people would let their colleague debut with this? It doesn’t really tell the reader anything except that I like to fuck around at their expense. This is what happens when you give me any semblance of power.

Anyway, uh, I guess I’ll still keep going since it’s still fun and all. I don’t have any particularly big plans except that I want to hit multiple conventions this year. I was pretty jealous reading about all the good fun time fun people had at Otakon. Don’t know if I’ll make it there, especially since it’s so close to Anime Expo, but I do want to go through with the Sakura Con plans that I had to abort earlier this year. So if you live in the Seattle area, then you might see me next year! Don’t let that scare you away from the convention, please. Maybe I’ll hit up other places, too. All depends on how well I can juggle my vacation days. I think I get a bump since this is my third year at the ol’ place of work. Fingers crossed!

That’s about it. This is the last post here until I have some other stupid announcement to make. See you jerks later.

20 Responses to “Nothing to See Here Except a Loser Hanging On Another Year”

  1. The whole blogisphere should be nothing but milestone announcements. All the rest of it is TL;DR

  2. Congrats on three years~!

    I sort of missed my blogs 3rd birthday a few weeks ago – guess we started around the same time!

  3. I’ll be hitting 4 years soon…I think it’s 4 years anyway…..and I won’t be hitting it so much as approaching it at a dead crawl. Congrats to you though.

  4. Click Says:

    Congratulations on 3 years, mate. Even though you’ve moved on to The Cart Driver, I still visit those silly little Guilty Crown polls for a good laugh every now and then.

    • If only Guilty Crown could continue on into infinity.

      • The sad thing is, it could have =/. The writers were clearly submitting their scripts hours before airing. I would give up both noitaminA time slots just to have 22 episodes of GC a week.

        Even today I still have episode 18 on my hard drive to wash the taste of bad anime out with even worse anime.

  5. keep on making these posts every year, after ten years people will see nothing but anniversaries on the front page

  6. What are you doing here, get back to your post. Nobody is allowed to have birthdays in the Cart Driver post-apocalypse

  7. Wow, congratulations on 3 years of blogging! :3 I hope to survive in the harsh, blogging world as long as you have.

  8. […] about the latest episode of Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse of the Buttocks. The reality is that he was too busy having a self-congratulatory wank. So instead it is I, the great Scamp, to swoop on in and save the day! Except I don’t really […]

  9. Congratulations!

    PS: put a lid on that glowing crotch, will you

  10. Congratulations Shinmaru! KEEP THE DREAM GOING! xDD

  11. Congratulations on making it 3 years. You have successfully lived past the age of expiry that a certain person predicted. Good job~

  12. Good luck for the milestone. 3 years has got to be great. 🙂

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