High School of the Dead 6 – Fanservice of the Dead

Lots and lots of fanservice and Marikawa and Rei getting drunk in this episode! I’m not really one to decry fanservice, but wow, it’s almost sensory overload here. It gets to a point where your brain just shuts down because boobs and ass are everywhere. And I guess the story wants to find a way for Rei to bring up Hisashi more without feeling guilty about it, so she does a bit of offscreen drinking. I thought Takashi might brush it off, just because Rei is so clearly drunk and rambling, but it’s actually understandable this time that it pushes past his explosion point. But, hey, the make-up kissing afterward is great! (Kissing is pretty much the equivalent of furious boning in anime, I guess.)

Oh, and Rika’s place is loaded, damn. Of the options Kouta presents, the third is most likely, or at least the one I hope is most likely. She could totally be a good enough sniper to command outrageous Golgo 13 prices.

Now for the death chart!

Takashi: He’s definitely going through sensory overload — so many near-naked girls all around him that he can barely think! At least he is able to keep his wits about him enough to defuse situations even while packing some heat in the pants.

Likelihood of survival: A man who can keep a clear head while horny is a survivor.

Rei: Haha, where did all this come from? She’s molesting people in the bathroom, getting drunk and then drudging all those Hisashi hangups that had been buried a couple of episodes prior. If this were an American horror flick, then the group may as well have bought Rei’s gravestone and lugged it around with them. (I watched Black Christmas recently. Margot Kidder spends half the movie being a tough, belligerent woman who smokes, drinks and swears the whole time, and even mocks the resident virgin. Do you think she survives? Hell no!) That said, the story seems intent on milking her relationship with Takashi, so she’s not going anywhere.

Likelihood of survival: She is basically the MVP of the fanservice episode, and anime doesn’t kill its fanservice MVPs. Or does it?

Kouta: Weapons upgrade again! If Takashi gets sensory overload from being surrounded by busty women, then Kouta gets sensory overload by being surrounded by big guns. He is absolutely ready to kill the hell out of any zombie that dares approach the group. Just look at him at the end of the episode — he already has that bulletproof vest slipped on and ready to go!

Likelihood of survival: Give a man one gun, he thinks he’s Superman. Give a man two, he thinks he’s God. Give him an entire cache? He’s every Greek/Norse/Shinto/etc. god packed into one.

Saya: Again, if this were an American flick, Saya totally would have been the first to die. Horror movies have funny logic: If you’re too sexed up, you die, but if you’re a snooty virgin (by their standards), then you also die. The god of horror was definitely thinking, “How dare Saya complain about this communal bath!”

Likelihood of survival: Doesn’t really take a hit because this is anime, and she makes up for it by getting into a naked water fight with Saeko.

Saeko: She takes all the fanservice in stride, and even fulfills the thong-wearing kendo warrior/housewife fantasy that Takashi never knew he had. By the way, does halfadeckshort’s Shower Theorem count for this episode? I mean, everyone takes a bath together. Do they cancel each other out?

Likelihood of survival: There needs to be a ruling on this Shower Theorem!

Marikawa: Don’t ask her to drive the car tomorrow morning!

Likelihood of survival: Seriously. Don’t do it.

Shido: Man, am I glad he was excluded from the fanservice episode!

Likelihood of survival: He’s not important enough to feature in the fanservice episode for even a moment. lol @ him

Rika: Like every anime character ever, she has senses keen enough to detect when people are talking about her behind her back. And if Golgo 13 has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t do anything behind a sniper’s back. Ever.

Likelihood of survival: I just hope she doesn’t go home after everyone leaves, expecting to find guns. Oops!


3 Responses to “High School of the Dead 6 – Fanservice of the Dead”

  1. “Don’t stand behind me, if you value your life.”

    yes Duke Togo has taught us all not to mess with Bad Mother Fuckers. Possibly moreso than Pulp Fiction.

    I say Kouta’s life expentancy dropped a little. He was slightly less than sane when talking to Takashi earlier. Generally being insane is a bad thing. As witnessed in previous episodes. Even if he wasn’t acting insane he was certainly acting manic. Another trait frowned upon. I could see him get too energetic in his zombie massacre bloodlust to not notice the zombie lurching up from behind.

    • You have a point there; that insanity combined with his clear desire to show off to Saya makes him one of the more likely people to die, I think. Then again, HSotD isn’t really working completely by Western horror movie rules, so you never know.

  2. LOL at the truth of your Shizuka assessment. And I’m going to have to do some research re: the shower thing. Though the whole series has an American vibe, the rules are clearly being bent by the gods of amazing fanservice. Will try to check that out this weekend.

    Takashi is a liar. If he wasn’t the “hero” he would totally bite it next episode. “We’d better stop before [I get excited].” Right. We know you had a “too soon” moment. So does she. Man up and just admit it.

    Rei… Rei, Rei, Rei. Nudity would count against her, but she totally went for the lesbian fanservice angle and that screws up my calculations. I’m going to have to bump her up to 12 while I think about this some more.

    Kouta totally failed as a wingman this time around. Takashi clearly old him to keep a lookout, and yet he lets out not one peep about Rei coming up the stairs. Imagine what would have happened if Takashi had decided to help ease Shizuka’s fears of loneliness… it wouldn’t have been pretty. On the other hand, removing himself from the situation displays prudence. I’m going to have to upgrade him to 10 for good decision-making while impaired.

    I don’t have much to add to your assessment of Saya, but we’ll have to see how she reacts to Takashi’s reaction toward Saeko and Rei’s PJs next week. Stays at 10 for now.

    Saeko… if two episodes in darn-near-naked-apron mode don’t kill her, then I don’t think a little water is going to do anything either. Still, I’m going to take my medicine as I’ve been harping on the shower thing all along and lower her rating to 12. At the same time I must also add: God bless Japan.

    Shizuka can’t really do anything to impair her chances of survival. Even when she’s drunk she has someone willing to carry her down the stairs, and Rei has got her covered in case she falls over in the bath. Plus that porn face… she’s every principal’s worst nightmare. Also, see my last statement re: Saeko.

    Agreed re: LOLSHIDO. Still, you know he’s going to turn up again.

    What happened to Rika was criminal, and I’m not talking about the breaking and entering and vandalism… to say nothing of what Kouta and Takashi did to her apartment. She needs to go home NOW and wash up. Unfortunately that will put her in danger, but I maintain that her competence will keep her alive until 12. No change.

    Random kids were given another bye. I can’t adjust them any higher though, so their range gets narrowed to 7-9.

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (12)
    Kouta (10)
    Saya (10)
    Saeko (12)
    Shizuka (OVA + VG franchise)
    Shido (13)
    Rika (12)
    Random kids (7-9)

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