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Angel Beats! – God vs. The Konami Code

Posted in Angel Beats, Random Shit with tags on 04/11/2010 by Shinmaru

I must agree with others expressing profound skepticism about the nature of this world. The most popular description of this world seems to be that it is like a video game rather than the afterlife/purgatory/what the hell ever. And, frankly, I don’t see how anyone could think otherwise, at least through these first two episodes. Landon puts it best: “The logic [of the world] is far too video game-like and doesn’t even remotely resemble an afterlife-logic.”

What interests me most is how this permeates everything in this world from the actual properties of the world — Infinite lives! Ginormous weapons the heroes can create from dirt! — to level progression — you have your water area, mechanized area, underground area, etc. — all the way down to the characters. Aside from being hilarious, the rather blasé way the characters deal with the deaths of their comrades, especially Yuri, seems to run counter to their expressed belief that they are fighting God gave them shitty, unreasonable lives. “Man, it sure pisses me off that God fucked with my life so badly! . . . Except when we get killed by traps and shit; that’s actually pretty funny.”

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