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Twelve Moments in Anime 2010 No. 1 – ROW ROW FIGHT THE ANGELS

Posted in 12 Moments, Neon Genesis Evangelion with tags , on 12/25/2010 by Shinmaru

I haven’t really been writing these posts with any idea of a set order or real thought about what I consider to be the “most important” anime moment of the year for me; it just so happens that Evangelion 2.0 ended up in the final spot. But I can’t think of many better moments to end on, considering Evangelion was one of the more important series in getting me hooked on anime for life.

Even now I’m still not totally sure what I think about the second movie in the Evangelion Rebuild quadrilogy . . . and, at least for now, I see that as a good thing. Evangelion should be spontaneous; it should keep us on our toes and leave us not knowing what the hell is going to come next. Anyone with eyes could tell that You Can (Not) Advance would be different than the original series simply due to the presence of a new character (Mari Makinami Illustrious), but I don’t believe anyone could have predicted the radical shift in tone and character that the second movie brought. You could cherry pick just about anything from the flick as an example (Rei standing up for herself against Asuka?! Asuka actually being honest with her feelings?! An almost family dinner with the Ikaris?!), but none to me stands out more than the very end.

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