The Best Around (Recommended Reads)

Hello there, Unknown Reader. If you’re visiting for the first time, I would forgive you for thinking I write nothing but dopey episodic posts. Maybe it’s not even the silliness that gets to you; maybe you just don’t watch what I write about. Totally understandable. That’s why I’m finally — metaphorically — getting off my lazy ass and putting this page together. The bulk of my non-episodic work can be found under the Random Shit tag and the 12 Moments tag if you want some shorter stuff. These are some of my favorites, however.

Adolescent Blues (Alien Nine): This OVA has an interesting spin on the “growing up kinda sucks” routine, even if plenty of people think the ending is shit.

Filming and Re-Filming Culture in Macross (Macross, duh): About the use of our good friend, the cinema, in the Macross universe.

Hachimaki Is the Michael Jordan of Astronauts (No, Really) (Planetes): On what drives Hachimaki in the latter half of Planetes.

I Like Gyo, But I Also Like Writing About Horror (Gyo): Started as a defense of the Gyo OVA, but then it turned into thoughts on why I enjoy horror so very much.

In Mythology, Unmei Means Dickery (Berserk): What I enjoy about Berserk‘s larger than life, mythological feel.

Kenya Boy: A Cinematic Masterpiece of WTF (Kenya Boy): A breakdown of one of the greatest cinematic treasures of our time.

Making Culture the Fun Way (SDF Macross): About Macross‘ view of goofy human culture.

Oh, that Melodramatic Shuffle! (Shuffle!): Thoughts on melodrama in anime and why Shuffle! is a shitty piece of shit.

Ranking the Terribad (lots of anime): A dedication to some great, awful anime. It is updated every few months.

Rio Rollins Tachibana Is My Goddess (Rio: Rainbow Gate!): On the nutty appeal of Rio.

Vampire Wars and the Joy of Terribad (Vampire Wars): Why I like shitty things.

Why I Love Nanami Kiryuu (Revolutionary Girl Utena): Exactly what it says.

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